‘All authority is subject to my Lord’


Poem by Rehman Baba
Translated by Jens Enevoldsen

گوره هسې کردگار دى رب زما
چې صاحب د کل اختيار دى رب زما

What a marvelous creator is my Lord:
All authority is subject to my Lord

همگي بزرگواران چې څوک يې وايي
تر همه ؤ بزرگوار دى رب زما

All the holy ones of old you may recall,
Unsurpassed in excellence is still my Lord

نه يې هيڅ حاجت په چا باندې موقوف دى
نه د هيچا منت بار دى رب زما

Nothing does He need or want from anyone,
Seeking favours none should reckon with my Lord

له نيستۍ يې د هستۍ صورت پېدا کړو
هسې رنگ پروردگار دى رب زما

Out of nothing He created everything,
He sustains and nourishes it all, my Lord

هم صانع دى د جمله ؤ مصنوعاتو
هم سامع د هر گفتار دى رب زما

Like an artist He perfectly formed all things,
Yet he harks to all the man would speak, My Lord

چې يې هيچرې نه مثل نه مثال شته
د هغو عطرو عطار دى رب زما

Of the unimagined in this time and space
Very essence, very fragrance is my Lord

هر تعمير چې د دنيا او د عقبا دى
د همه واړو معمار دى رب زما

Of all structures in this world and in the next
Peerless architect and builder is my Lord

خواننده د نانويسو صحيفو دى
داننده د هر اسرار دى رب زما

All the pages not yet written, He has read,
Perfect knowledge of all secrets has my Lord

که ظاهر دى که باطن دى که مابين دى
له همه ؤ خبردار دى رب زما

Be it hidden, manifest or half obscured,
Cognizant of any matter is my Lord

شريک نه لري په خپلې بادشاهۍ کې
بې شريکه شهريار دى رب زما

No one is a partner in His government,
As an absolute dictator reigns my Lord

هسې نه چې واحدي يې ده له عجزه
په واحد وجود بسيار دى رب زما

List his oneness be considered poverty:
In His unity abundant is my Lord

حاجت نه لري د بل چا و يارۍ ته
له هغو سره چې يار دى رب زما

Fellowship with anyone they do not need,
Who have found a lasting friendship with my Lord

څه حاجت دى چې يې بل و خوا ته غواړم
په خپل کور کې همکنار دى رب زما

Why should I go anywhere in search of Him?
Right beside me in my cottage is my Lord

هيڅ تغير او تبديل نه لري رحمانه
تل تر تله برقرار دى رب زما

He is never liable to change, RAHMAN,
In eternity remains unchanged my Lord

(From the book The Nightingale of Peshawar: Selections form Rehman Baba
Translated by Jens Enevoldsen, Published by IntelrLit Foundation Peshawar, Pakistan 1993)


3 Responses to ‘All authority is subject to my Lord’

  1. muhammad nimran says:

    very good work………… awesome

    very good work………… superb

    very good work………… tremendous

    very good work………… awesome

  2. Wajid says:

    دير شايسته

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