Some useful Pashto websites

To learn a language fluently, one have to read, write and listen it regularly. There are numerous websites on the net where you can read, write, listen and discuss things. Some of them are as following:


Tolafghan, Benawa and Talafghan are the most read, full Pashto websites where you can read articles, essays and books on almost every subject, and news. Tolafghan has a vast forum where you can discuss issues with the other members.

Khyberwatch, Pashto and Afghanan are the websites launched for Pashto by the Pashtoons, but their language is English. Useful information could be found on these sites. Each of them has a forum.


Baheer, Lekwal, Hewad, Pashto Poetry and Dastanoona are good literary websites where you can read classic and modern Pashto poetry and prose.


Mastana is a website full of Pashto and Dari music with a big forum.


Pajhwok and BBC have the most attractive websites of latest news. At Pajhwok, you can read the same news both in Pashto and English. At BBC, you can read and listen the same news.

Dictionary and grammer

Qamosoona provides only dictionaries. You can download useful English to Pashto and Pashto to English dictionaries. Also visit Writing Pashto.

Want to find more Pashto websites and blogs? click here


67 Responses to Some useful Pashto websites

  1. Salim says:

    Thank you


    • lajwer says:

      its afghan broadcasting website.

    • Hazara says:

      CAN you Pashtuns unite with all other Afhgans against Punjab’s Durand Lıne? I am Hazara as you can see. I have seen the worlds and sees. All the troubles. We must unite once and for all. Can you neglect all religious differences and work together for greatr Afghanistan! Well, my courtesy, We Hazaras are the ancient people of Afghanistan with our historical Budha statues which Pakistan_Made Taliban destroyed and keep on destroying Afghanistan!

  2. learnpashto says:

    welcome esmat
    In the end of the post you read: want to find more Pashto websites and blogs? click here. Those websites you have posted are listed there at the ‘click here’ list.
    Anyway, thank you.

  3. shah says:

    i lick thes website

  4. Thanks for giving me/us the address of great sites. Your work is very appreciable espically for Pashto development. once again thanks.

    • Hazara says:

      See, at home we are all same
      ! Learning! GOOD! Good Pashtun or Pushtun site as Iranians say 🙂 Find the ways of getting rid of all blood suckers!

  5. usman says:

    Dear Readers :
    first of all i present my slams and warm respects.

  6. sayed imran says:

    i need a web site which teach pashtu language & include day to day words which we use in our life.please i have to speak pashtu some body help me to learn pashtu. or give web site address.

  7. khayam says:

    check my site for pashot stuffs.

    Thanks to every one

  8. Khalil R Rahat says:

    Thank you! The infomation on this page is very useful and the readers are getting alot of iformation from this web page.

    Please put the information about Afghan Culture and their bliefs. Thanks Khalil

  9. Khalil R Rahat says:

    Thank you! The infomation on this page is very useful and the readers are getting alot of iformation from this web page.

    Please put the information about Afghan Culture and their bliefs. Thanks Khalil Washington D.C

  10. inThank you very much. In the world that the system tries to make everybody like a robat and indifferent ; it is nice to have spiritual support. I have a huge school here in Orlando, but it is hard for me alone to manage it. I need support and help. Address 10429 Lehman Road, Orlando, Fl 32825 USA and email Tel: 4072730784 My name is Amir Ghiassi. I am a university teacher in Orlando, Florida. USA. I have also a boarding school in Orlando . university teacher in Orlando, I know German, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, English, Latin and Pashto. . It is a big place over 8 acres and has the possibilities for agricultural, fish and chicken industry or other animals growing. I believe in the unity of mankind regardless to their race, nationalities, religions, and their position in the society. We should work for humanity. I respect the beauty of the world. I need students, partners, nurse and doc.

  11. michael k rohde says:

    I would like to learn to read and write Pashto. My phone number is 619-952-5675, e-mail at

  12. Thank you for the best effort for making pashto an international language.
    we all well try to make pashto proud.

  13. mukhtar says:

    thanks, it is really usefull and i take the opportunity to thanks you all

  14. Kalat says:–il–10

    Breakthrough film shows softer side of Chaman
    By Shazad Ali
    Wednesday, 17 Jun, 2009 | 10:45 PM PST |

    KARACHI: Cutting through the fog of terrorism enveloping the region, a group of amateurs screened a documentary entited ‘The Last Refuge of Afghans’ which brought a message of peace and prosperity through football on Wednesday.

    ‘There is so much anarchy and fighting in Pakistan and the region, but we believe that peace can brought through football. And for that, town of Chaman in Balochistan and its football-loving people are best example.’

    ‘The theme of this movie was [to] fight as hard [as] people want to, but on the field of football,’ the producer of the documentary Khalid Hasan Khan told at Goethe-Institut Pakistan .

    According to Khalid, Chaman was perfect example of showing how to live peacefully with tolerance for other religions and ideas.

    Recollecting his observations during filming, the producer said while Pashtuns were known as feared tribal warriors always brandishing weapons, locals in Chaman were quite different.

    ‘There are so many things about people of Chaman. But to sum up I truly believe they are quite different to the people in the north. They (Chaman locals) are peaceful and peace-loving people unlike other Pashtun tribes. There are misconceptions about the area,’ he said.

    The 20-minute documentary directed by M. Wasim, describes how team members from Pakistan ’s Afghan Club from Chaman were caught by the Taliban a few years ago while playing a match against a local outfit. The Taliban shaved the heads of the Pakistani players for playing in an ‘un-Islamic dress’ (shorts) and then deported.

    However, Mohammad Saeed, the secretary of the Balochistan Football Association (BFA) claimed in the documentary that later local politicians apologized for the incident. The BFA official claimed that it was actually rival club members who were involved not the Taliban.

    ‘You see there was no animosity or agitation among the people of Chaman for the Afghans or Taliban across the border even after the incident. And this shows how tolerant they are,’ said Khalid.

    The producer said the title of the film (The Last Refuge of the Afghans) came about since the people of Chaman also called themselves Afghans.

    ‘Chaman has abundant talent in soccer and we have players in our national team from this area. We want to show that it is only football which is now the last refuge for Afghans which means all Pashtuns either from NWFP, Fata, Balochistan or Afghans who have migrated from Afghanistan to Chaman.’

    Abdul Qayyum Khadakoo, founding member of Afghan Club, argued that Chaman had always been a peaceful region with people displaying both tolerance and a deep love of football.

    ‘I agree that Afghans who have migrated from Afghanistan wanted to interfere in our lives.. But we told them in clear terms that please do not interfere in our system. They (Afghans) dominate our businesses but we don’t have any objection. We live in complete harmony,’ he told a jam-packed audience..

    Qayyum says unlike other tribal areas, people in Chaman do not display weapons, nor is it likely to find drug peddlers or drug addicts on the streets.

    ‘Chaman has its own importance. Although there is an impact on the region because of geo-political situation, Chaman is a channel for supplies for the German and other (Nato) troops into Afghanistan . This shows how peaceful is the town,’ he claimed.

    Former Balochistan sports minister Lt-Col Younis Changezi lamented that although there was huge soccer talent in Chaman, there was hardly facilities for the sport.

    ‘We have given Pakistan football top players from Chaman, but there are meager funds, lack of infrastructure and facilities. I can assure that if given proper attention Chaman and the province can produce top class players.’

    Dr. Markus Litz, the director of the Goethe-Institute Pakistan also spoke while presenting welcome speech.

  15. rashid says:

    salam, i am rashid from Kandahar. thanks u from ur best effort for helping us.

  16. Zahid says:


    i am zahid from Helmand,
    i really appreciate you folks for trying your bast to prepare some thing for our own benifits . i have learned allots of stuff from your vary useful websites.

    take it steady,

  17. karim says:

    I want to learn pashtu. I need your help. Karim

  18. Aminullah says:

    i was glad to see the this page and helped in seeing many pashto websites
    God give you more energy and time to help pashto.

  19. Aaslamuhaliekum. the work has been performed to develop a site is infact appreciat able and if will be maintained will be to positive and a great service for the new generation on the mentioned work all the people are realy appreciat able may Allah encourage you to maintain
    Thanks A Lot

  20. pactradio is the best site of pushto you can learn more and can listen some thing new from this site .

  21. The site which i have mention above is really very good please keep it up.

  22. saeed says:

    i like the pashto

  23. aqa says:

    how to lern pashtoo and Dari

  24. david says:

    learning pashto via rosetta stone looking 4 people in lake county fl that speak either pashto or dari

  25. mauladadkhan says:

    proud to be khattak

  26. Sayed Naim says:

    Dear All,

    I am very happy seening that people can learn Pashtu through internet. Please if you are interseted in it to learn more. I am available all the time and don’t hesistate to contact me via my Email ( or my Mobile +93700548378. I try to help you learn it soon.


    Sayed Naim ,

  27. salaam dears.
    i am so so so happy to people in the world learn pashto it is very very very intristing for me.i really proud of to be pashtooooooooooooooon,

  28. ibrahim says:

    i like this web site

  29. ibrahim says:

    salaa, dears i m patan

    za da afghanistan yam taso sanga ye toolo ta zma da zra lakome salamoona

  30. François says:

    I’m reading a book where the main character and a Pashtun.
    I have Arab ancestry and would love to make contact with people of this ethnic group.
    or the site
    Thanked François.

  31. Its blog but iwill be ragister it later please kindly add it thanks

  32. tilla khan ahmadzai says:

    this is a good website for pashtoon tribe because it provide information for pashtoons, which they advertising better websites
    tilla khan ahmadzai
    kabul, khoshhal khan meena

  33. Noor ul Basar Aman says:

    قېد و بند کښې تخليق شوے پښتو ادب
    (زنداني ادب)
    د جېلخانې د مېنځ چناره مولا دې ګل کړه چې جيليان دې بوئيوينه
    نورالبصر امن
    لکه څنګه چې جغرافيائي ماحول او چاپېرچل د انسان په وجود اثر پرېباسي، هم دغه شان د انسان په احساساتو، جذباتو، شعور، عقل، سوچ، فکر، تخيل او وجدان هم اثر غورځوي. او بيا اديب او شاعر خو د خپل ژور نظر او حساس ذهن له کبله د دغه اثر نه ډېر زيات متاثره کيږي، او چې کله دغه اثرات د انتها تر حده اورسي نو د قلم په ژبه کاغذ ته اوسپارلے شي او دغه شان “ادب” په وجود کښې راشي.
    د دنيا يو قانون هم د شاعر او اديب په سوچ، فکر او قلم پابندي نۀ شي لګولے، بلکې داسې قدغنونه ئې نور هم رااوپاروي. که چرې مونږ په عالمي ادب نظر اوزغلوؤ نو معلومه به شي چې د کومو ژبو اهلِ قلم د څۀ اسبابو د وجې نه په زندان کښې اچولے شوي دي، نو هغوئ د زندان دننه د هر قسم طوفانونو په مخکښې د “ادب” ډيوه روښانه ساتلې ده، او چې څېړنکارو دغه “زنداني ادب” د تحقيق او تنقيد په کاڼو تللے دے نو په هر لحاظ معياري او مقصدي ثابت شوے دے. بلکې د ادب د دنيا اکثر شاهکارونه په زندان کښې تخليق شوي دي.
    پښتنو د خپل ناقلاره چاپېرچل او کړمن ژوند باوجود هم لکه څنګه چې خپل ادب له په هر صنف کښې وده ورکړې ده هم دغه شان په “زنداني ادب” کښې هم د چا نه وروستو نۀ دي. د پښتنو سيمې ته مغل راغلے دے که فېرنګے، خپل راغلے دے او که پردے، خو چې د پښتنو په مرۍ کښې ئې د غلامۍ د غړوندي اچولو کوشش کړے دے نو دې آزاد فطرته قام که يو طرفته د دغې جواب په مېدانِ جنګ کښې په توره ورکړے دے نو بل طرفته ئې د “زندان” نه په قلمي جهاد هم ورکړے دے. پښتنو اديبانو او شاعرانو د زندان د تورو تمبو شا ته په زنځيرونو کښې تقريباً د ادب په هر صنف کښې طبع ازمائي کړې ده او داسې معياري او مقصدي زنداني ادب ئې تخليق کړے دے چې دنيا ورته ګوته په خُله ده.
    په پښتو ادب کښې چې د تحقيق کوم کاڼے خوشحال خان بابا په زندان کښې د “دستارنامې” په شکل کښې اېښے دے که نن هم د جديد تحقيق په کاڼو اوتللے شي نود يو شرشاهۍ کم و زيات امکان به پکښې نۀ وي. او لکه څنګه چې په پښتو ادب کښې د ډېرو اصنافو ابتداء ستر خوشحال بابا کړې ده هم دغه شان د “حبسياتي ادب” د ابتداء سره هم د خوشحال بابا په سر ده.
    د خوشحال بابا نه واخله تر دې دمه په پښتو کښې په مقصد، معيار او مقدار ښۀ پوره زنداني ادب تخليق شوے دے خو د بده مرغه دغې مقصدي زنداني ادب ته تر اوسه چا په مکمله توګه پام نۀ دے ګرځولے. د دې خبرې ډېر ضرورت محسوسېدو چې هغه د قلم خاوندان چې د څۀ وجوهاتو له کبله د زندان د تورو تمبو شاته شوي دي. او هغوئ د زندان د هر قسمه سختو باوجود د پښتو ژبې او ادب په اوږو دا احسان بار کړے دے. چې هغوئ خپل قيمتي جذبات او احساسات محفوظ کړي دي. نو دغه قيمتي ادب دې دنيا ته ولے ښکاره نۀ شي. د دې جذبې د لاندې زما دا اراده وه چې زۀ د پښتو په زنداني ادب تر خپله وسه د يو ادنٰى طالبعلم په حېث د تحقيق او تنقيد کار اوکړم. د خپلو مشرانو، استاذانو ملګرو په مشوره او د ډاکټر راج ولي شاه خټک صېب په خصوصي زيار زما د پي اېچ ډي تحقيقي مقالې دپاره سرخط “په قېدوبند کښې تخليق شوے د پښتو ادب” (زنداني ادب) ټاکلے شوے دے.
    د تحقيق په زړۀ چاودي کار کښې زۀ د ادب ټولو مئينانو ته دا خواست کووم چې چا ته هم د پښتو د زنداني ادب په حواله د موادو څۀ قسمه معلومات، مشورې او تجاويز وي، هغوئ دې مهرباني اوکړي او ما دې خبر کړي. زۀ به ستاسو د هر قسمه کومک منت بار او سترګې په لار يم.

    د پښتو ژبې او ادبياتو مرکزپېښورپوهنتون
    خيبرپښتونخوا پاکستان

  34. allan says:

    Please someone wirte me some pashtu slang I realy need it I have searched alot of website I couldn’t find any slang so please help me in this matter. Thanks.

  35. Sayed Naimd says:

    To whom it may concern:
    I have a group on facebook teaching Pashto language. If you are interested you can join we are still in lesson 15.

    my addresse:


  36. Grano Runo
    pa tasoo di salamoona we.
    za dair ziyat khushala shuma chi me da site wa lidalo.
    this is wonderful .
    Pukhtoon zawanday day aw tall de khadmand we.
    Shair Ali Khan
    Ph.D. Arabic Student
    International Islamic University

  37. my email is (

  38. Ibrahim Hijran says:

    Asalamalaikom WR Wb
    Thanks to all i am really blithe to see you serving Pashto Language

  39. Kamran Pasha says:

    how kiyani can Fuck Kamran Pasha,

  40. Kamran Pasha says:


  41. Kamran Pasha says:


  42. Kamran Pasha says:


  43. Kamran Pasha says:


  44. Kamran Pasha says:


  45. khalid rehman says:

    za pa zan bandy dair khushala showalam che kala mai da website o le da lo….
    dai sara za ghuwaram chay monga pukhtana wo pashton group bano ko chey aghy k sraf pukhtana hm v….
    no baya ba mounga sapal feelings sehe tarah share ka waloy sho…
    No taso ka chary dasy ghowary no ma ta email wakai
    zama email address day
    za ba wait kawo ma
    da khudai pa AMAAN*****

  46. Niazmin shah Babakarkhil says:

    it is a great website and all pashtoon should help make it more better


  47. Dawod says:

    ت=t, th
    ج=ge, j…. (in example: George, Japan)
    ح=h (in example: habit)
    خ=kh, ex: khan.
    څ=S but its pronunciation is different you need to hear it.
    ځ=Z, S. but its pronunciation is different you need to hear it.
    د=D, Th.
    ذ=Z, X (example: Zebra= Xebra)
    ر=R But the pronunciation is a little different, you need to hear it.
    ز=Z, X (example: Zebra= Xebra)
    ږ=Zh, Z
    ژ=Zh, Z
    س=S, Ce, Ci, Cy. Example: (Certificate, Serial)
    ش=Sh, Tio, Cio Example: (Smash, Attention)
    ښ= Similar to ش
    ص=Similar to س
    ض=similar to ز or ذ
    ط=T, Th
    ظ= Similar toذ،ز،ض،
    غ=Gh, Example: Afghanistan. Ghazni
    ف=F, ph, gh, Example: Enough, Friend, atmosphere.
    ق=Q Example: Qur’an
    ک= K, C Example: Kabul, Cable, Black
    ګ=G without e, i ,y Example Game.
    و=w, o u.
    ه=H similar to ح
    ی= Y, I, E. Example: Guy. Girl, Egypt.

    Some Short Practice:
    Read From Right To Left,
    otshp=o+t+sh+a+p = pshto(in Alphabets) but in pronunciation ===>Pashto…(pay your attention you will know)
    م+و+ب+ا+ی+ل= موبایل

    * If you want to learn pashto I recommend you to chat in voice online with your Pashton friend.

  48. shakerullah akhoundzada says:

    assalam alaikum tol khalakha,
    someone regulate the entry or comments of persons like kamran pasha here(he definitely seems to me a lone single, pathetic, psychotic loser,may allah repair his tongue and brain). this site is a very important link to pashtoons alike, pashto speaking and learning.insane persons like kamran should be blocked from entering this site and their comments deleted.
    salam alaikum
    da khudai pa aman

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  56. shirzai says:

    thank you so much for your best service to Pashtu most important language.

  57. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this brilliant blog!
    I guess for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and
    adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to brand new updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group.

    Chat soon!

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