Pashto / Pushto / Pushtu / Pakhto / Paxto

Pashto is an ancient language, as long as 5000 years old, according to some historians. Speakers of this language, Pashtoons, are a brave nation. All the non-Pashtoon historians have mentioned and praised their bravery.
Some people are confused about the word that whether this is Pashto, Pushto, Pushtu, Pakhto, Pukhto, Pukhtu, Paxto, Puxto or Puxtu?

Even in Pashto, some times, a few confused people write it پشتو، پختو instead of پښتو.

The reason behind this confusion is that different historians have mentioned the language and the nation with these different shapes of the word Pashto and Pashtoon. This difference was inevitable in the past because some of the historians were Greek, some Chinese, and some were Arabs and Persians. Differences between the languages and dialects resulted creating this confusion.

In modern time, all the historians and writers have written the word Pashto in English and پښتو in Pashto. So I think the confusion must be ended now. The correct word is now Pashto and پښتو.

It is to be mentioned here that some Eastern languages don’t have the letter ښ, so it will be correct if they write it with خ, like پختو.


7 Responses to Pashto / Pushto / Pushtu / Pakhto / Paxto

  1. Tylere says:

    I have also read in some history books about “Pathans” how are Pathans and the word Pathan related to Pashto?


  2. Tony says:

    I think he (or she?) should describe differenet ‘shapes’ of the word Pashtoon as they are described at the post above.
    As I have read them, they are like:
    Pashto, Pakhto, Pukhto, Pushto, Pushto, Paxtu.
    Pashtoon, Pakhtun, paxtoon, Pathan and Afghan.

  3. learnpashto says:

    Some historians are on the view that Pathan is derived from arabic بطان. They say that this word was used for Pashtoons some three thousand years ago.
    But I think that this word was used for Pashtoons only in India. To this day, Indians call Pashtoons ‘Pathans’.
    More information is available here:

  4. Raz says:

    “It is to be mentioned here that some Eastern languages don’t have the letter ښ, so it will be correct if they write it with خ, like پختو.”

    I appreciate all your efforts in promoting the Pashto language, but I would like to make a point here.
    While it is true that ښ is pronounced as “kheen” by certain groups of Pashtuns, there are large Pashtun population who pronounce it as “sheen”. Therefore, all the Eastern languages that don’t have ښ may also use letter “ش” instead which is very common. To rule out this is to ignore a fact which is frustrating and troubling.
    Does anyone know the origins of Pashto language?

  5. De menay dahk salaamona mo wamanay. Manana che de Pakhto aw Pakhtano pa khedmat ke ye. Allah paak de wakri che nor-nor Pakhtana ham pa dase laar ke yow sa wakri.

    Salamat owsay!

  6. sakraan says:

    Da pakhto khidmat da paara manana!!!!
    Da pakhto leekalo da paara baayad da Pakhto academy leekdod okaarawalay shee.

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