Love in a garden

Poem by Khoshal Khan Khattak

دواړه شونډې کړه په بيار ته
در ريزي وکړه خپل يار ته
زه چې ستا و مخ ته گورم
زړه مې نه کېږي گلزار ته
گل له شرمه خولې پرېږدي
چې نظر کا ستا رخسار ته
که مې وار درباندې جوړ شي
منتظر يم و خپل وار ته
گله دا درباندې ښايي
چې ځير ځير گورې و خار ته
آئينې وته نظر کړه
که دې مينه شي بهار ته
زار و چاته کړې خوشحاله
چې دې نه گوري څوک زار ته

When her petall’d lips are parting,
Whitest pearls do lose their luster;
When her glance to me is darting.
Fades the fairest flower cluster,
Roses shamed, forget to blossom
Brighter radiance to discover
In the budding of a bosom
Flaunting as to bee the clover,
She the rose, her grace bestowing
On the thorn, that waits her pleasure,
I the fountain, faintly glowing,
Mirror of a garden’s treasure,
Lover, loved, together knowing
Rapture passing dream or measure


2 Responses to Love in a garden

  1. Faizan Khan Pathan says:

    der kha wrora dera aala shayari da

  2. shawnhairan says:

    thanks for translation

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