Pashto Verbs and Proverbs

د بد کار انجام بد وي
Da bad kaar anjam bad wi
A bad beginning makes a bad ending.
A bad way has a bad end.

ځواني لېونۍ وي
Zwani lewany wi
Youth will have its swing.

ستا خو پنځه واړه ګوتې په غوړو کې دي
Sta kho pinza wara gotey pa ghwaro ke di
Your bread is buttered on both sides.

درواغجن او لافجن ورونه دي
Darwaghjan aw lapjan wroona di
A boaster and a liar are cousins.

رشوت هر ځاى کې لاره وباسي
Rishwat har zaye ke lara wobasi
A bribe will enter without knocking.

ښه ښځه جنت دى
Kha khaza jannat dai
A cheerful wife is the joy of life.

ښه دى چې د خره ښکر نشته
Kha dai che da khra khkar nashta
A crust cow hatch short horns.

چې څنګه پلار هماغسې ځوى
Che tsanga plaar hamaghasey zoyee
He is his father’s son.

دوست هغه چې پکار راشي
Dost hagha che pakar rashi
He is my friend that grinds at my mill.

چې څومره خولې هومره خبرې
Che tsoomra kholey hoomra khabarey
Many men, many words.


2 Responses to Pashto Verbs and Proverbs

  1. truly yours says:

    I just wanted to say that if you want to post a website or anyone else in this matter, then please,at leat, make it useful: your translation of proverbs or idoms are way off. either you dont understant English or you are just an idiot who is in need of att……

  2. baijaankaka says:

    I am baijaankaka

    me problem no maloom

    I am larning English

    thak you

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