Write it on your heart

Do you know? I have never attended any school in my entire life. Still I have learned so much that I have made my career as a journalist. And I have written many articles and stories for some major newspapers and journals of Urdu and Pashto languages. Presently I write in English too (though it is not pretty good)

I have learned all these languages without attending any school, any course and any software. It was possible by my firm friendship with books and my eagerness to writing.

I believe in ‘a book is a friend that never deceives’, and that it has proved in my case.

During all these learning, my experience is that if you want to learn a word or a phrase to your heart, write it with your pen. Write it one or tow times instead of memorizing it by repeating hundred times.

After writing it two or three times, forget it. Incredibly, when you would study a book or newspaper and the same word or phrase comes in the reading; your mind will automatically catch its meaning.


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