Pakhto aw englisi khwagey zhabey di

دا سړى څوک دى؟ Da saray tsok dai?
Who is this man?

څه وخت دى؟ Tsa wakht dai?
What time is it?

زه کور ته روان يم Za kor ta rawan yam
I am going to home

اختر ته دوه ورځې پاتې دي Akhtar ta dwa wrazey patey di
Two days to go to Akhtar (Eid)

بانک چېرته دى؟ Baank cherta dai?
Where is the bank?

کمپيوټر ولګوه Computar khlas ka
On the computer

زه به سهار وختي پاڅم Za ba sahar wakhti patsam
I will get up early in the morning

نن مې مېلمانه دي Nan mey melmana di
I have guests today

پښتو او انگليسي خوږې ژبې دي Pakhto aw englisi khwagey zhabey di
Pashto and English are sweet languages

سبا د څه ورځ ده؟ Saba da tsa wraz da?
Which day is tomorrow?


3 Responses to Pakhto aw englisi khwagey zhabey di

  1. Tylere says:


    “Pashto and English are sweet languages”

    How is “sweet” used in Pashto? in English this is an idiomatic expression, that I would be surprised if it came across the same in Pashto!

  2. learnpashto says:

    Hi Tylere
    We use ‘sweet’ as ‘The mangoes are sweet’, ‘This is a sweet baby’ and ‘Pashto is a sweet language.’
    In Pashto, we use the word like this:
    دا امونه خواږۀ دي
    دا يو خوږ ماشوم دى
    پښتو خوږه ژبه ده
    We use it in the meaning of delicious, some times for pretty and some times for good-looking.
    Sweets are khwagah in Pashto. Like:
    خواږه مه خوره
    Dont eat sweets.

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