Love in Pashto

Everyday I check Blog Stats of LEARN PASHTO, I find searches like these:

Love words in Pashto
Love phrases in Pashto
Love conversation in Pashto
How to say ‘I love you’ in Pashto

So I thought to write something about this word.

As I have said in a previous post that every language had some good-hearing and attractive words, مينه (love) is the most used and favorite word of Pashto.

Some of the uses and expressions are as following:

زه د خپل مور او پلار سره ډېره مينه لرم
I love my parents

نن سبا رښتينې مينه موندل گران دي
It is difficult to find true love nowadays

مينه د نړۍ تر ټولو ستره ډالۍ ده
Love is world’s biggest gift

په انگليسي کې څنګه وايي چې ” تا سره مينه کوم”؟
How to say ‘I love you’ in English?

افغانان مينه ناک خلک دي
Afghans are loving people

And following are a few Pashto tappas mentioning love:

مينه په تلو راتلو زياتېږي
کله راځه کله به زه درځمه ميينه

مينې دې داسې لېونى کړم
چې لېوني راڅخه غواړي امانونه

مينه له اوره کمه نه ده
چې په لمبو شي عالمونه سوځوينه


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  1. I want to understand by english

  2. aysha says:

    even i want to learn pasto in english…do mail me too…

  3. sarra says:

    please can u send me some sweet words in pashto ?? but write in in english thankssss

    • Usman Usafzai says:

      Sweet words = khwaga taki
      Sweet = khog (Flural khwaga)
      Mother = moor
      Father = plar
      Sister = khoor
      Brother = ror
      Wife = khaza + kor wadani
      Love = Mina
      Day = wraz
      Night = Shpa
      Water = Oba

      Hope it ll help u

      • lumai khan says:

        hi i m lumai khan and i wantt to learn pashto can u write some more word like hi, hello,what r u doing? this type of word/sentences this will help me
        i will be waiting 4 this

      • shariq khan says:

        za deer ziat khoshala yam che da site me wakato deer zama roryan dy che pushto warla na warze. pa dy waja bai ezda ke. lumai khan hi means sanga yee hello same. what are u doing means ta sa ka yee.

    • I hope the one whom these words are meant for is still there;)

      Graana = (my)Beloved (zma graana = my beloved)
      Zelgia = (my)sweet little heart[it’s more than sweetheart]
      Janana = (my) life
      Sanama = (my) breath of air[literally: breeze]
      Nafasa = (my) breath
      Sultana= (my) Sultan
      Sartaja= (my) crown[sar=head, taj=crown]
      Sardara= (my) saviour

  4. haider says:

    hey how r u ppl???
    actually i want to learn pushto so plz plz plz help me i need sum help 4rm u ppl…..
    i dunt no how i learn pushto kindly help me plzzzzzzzzzzz

    • zabihullah rahimi says:

      where are you brother?
      Have you got any Afghani friends there? if yes speak to them in pashto language but if not then find Good Afghan friends for yourself to speak to them in pashto language which hopefully will help you to improve your pashot language.
      kind regards from Zabihullah Rahimi from London.

  5. Akansha says:

    Hey how are you

    , I find your site having limited material . Please I wish that your site may have unlimited material.

  6. naziya says:

    like to learn pashto in english plz can read read in english and understand also same lagu. thnx

  7. AMB says:

    د پښتو ابېڅو پېژندنه او کارونه
    Knowing the Pashto Alphabetes and its Use.

    د پښتو ابېڅې (الفبا) ټول ټال ۴۴ ابېڅې دي او ليکدود ېې له عربي ابېڅو په بڼه رامنځته شوی او ليک او لوست ېې هم لکه د عربي پشان له ښي اړخ نه پيلېږي .
    The pashto Alphabetes are totaly 44 alphabetes and its fonts are of arabic style and could be read and written from the right side to to left as arabic.

    د پښتو ابېڅې (الفبا) پدې ډول دي .
    The Pashto Alphabetes are as this :
    ا ، ب ، پ ، ت ، ټ ، ث ، ج ، چ ، ځ ، څ ، ح ، خ ، د ، ډ ، ذ ، ر ، ز ، ژ ، ږ ، ړ ، س ، ش ، ښ ، ص ، ض ، ط ، ظ ، ع ، غ ، ف ، ق ، ک ، ګ ، ل ، م ، ن ، ڼ ، ه ، و ، ی ، ئ ، ې ، ي ، ۍ .
    Alef ; Bay ; Pay ; Thay; TTay (hard sound) ; Ce (SAY) ; Jeem ; Che (Chay) ; Dze (ZZay); Tse (tssy); Hhay ; Khay (xche); Daal; Ddaal (hard sound) ; Zaal ; Ray; Zay ; Zhay (a sound which is found in french and you combine your teeth and your toungue’s middle part meet the upper jaw ); Gay ; Rray (hard sound , found in Indian language its sound comes from when you take your toungue’s peak turn it towards back side of you upper jaw) ; Cin (Seen) ; Sheen ; Xeen( Kheen; a sound which comes when you press or bite the right and left sides of your toungue ); Swath (Swat) ; Dwath (Dwat); Thoi (Toi) ; Zoi ; Aiyn (Ayn) ( an arabic sound comming out from a throut) ; Ghain(Ghayn) (an arabic sound comes from open mouth without touch you tongue (sound of crow) ); Fay; Qqaaf (an arabic soun pushing your back part of toungue backwards and making sound) ; Kaaf; Gaaf(Gaph); Laam; Meem; Noon ; Noorn(its original pashto sound , you can make it by first joining your toungue’s peake with upper jaw and at last turning your toungue ’s peak backward) ; Hay; Wow; Yea ; Aie ; Ay; E ; Ei (french sound e with an apostrof on head).

    Joining the alphabetes to make a word.
    Alef +Cin(seen)+Laam+Alef+Meem ( its important to think about the sounds not about the names written structure) for example => AY + ECH+EM+EE+DE
    Now from that form of the combination we get a word (AHMED) .
    SO its important to thik about the sounds more here to not become confuse.
    Now start with Pashto alphabetes and join them making the words.
    Alef +Cin(seen)+Laam+Alef+Meem ( ا+ س+ ل + ا+ م )
    ASALAM ( Hello/Hei ) = اسلام
    Zay +Hay+ ( ZA ) (I / Iam) = ( ز+ ه ) ، زه

    Now you can continue making words from the following alphabetes:

    ا ، ب ، پ ، ت ، ټ ، ث ، ج ، چ ، ځ ، څ ، ح ، خ ، د ، ډ ، ذ ، ر ، ز ، ژ ، ږ ، ړ ، س ، ش ، ښ ، ص ، ض ، ط ، ظ ، ع ، غ ، ف ، ق ، ک ، ګ ، ل ، م ، ن ، ڼ ، ه ، و ، ی ، ئ ، ې ، ي ، ۍ .

  8. AMB says:

    try to analyse these words and place it in divided structural form like in above lessons.
    for example )=> Happy = KHwaXch (خوښ)(Khwakh), to analyse this adjective (word) we have to follow the rule from above: KHwaXch(Khwakh) = KHAY+WOW+XEEN(XCHEEN)= KHWAKH
    NOW : analyse these words to practice more and more:
    Play = لوبه = Loba
    Eat = وخوره = Wokhra
    Come = راشه = Rasha
    Go = لاړشه / ځه = Za / Larrsha
    You = ته = Teh
    I = زه = Za
    He = هغه = Hagha
    She = هغه = Hagha (to be noted that since Pashto language is a bitt exclusive in its structure and its grammer is bitt different than the common grammers of the english language or maybe of the other langauges so is most semilar to the French and with some of scandinavian langauges. here as you see both for HE/SHE I used (HAGHA) which refers to the pronounes, but when you introduce some one to other like )=> HE IS A BOY )=> HAGHA YAW HALIK DA ; SHE IS A GIRL )=> HAGHA YAWA JANAI DA : but when we come to the possisive form of pronoun then the form of the prounoun changes and in pashto it should be appointed or should be used like difinite artcle to be more clear , like for example )=> SHE ATE FOOD = HAGHAY KHWARRA WOKHWARRE. you see here we used instead HAGHA (HAGHAY). for masculan we dont change the form.
    I hope you get this lessin seriousely and learn from it as iam not a teacher but understands the grammer structure in both English and Pashto so I found this website quite interesting and saw that people need help I volentearly will go for it and help in any kind.
    thanks for now..

    • Angel says:

      well am pathan girl but not speaking pukhto language .can you plxx tell me the some words in pushto but plxx write in english language thnxx

  9. ghazal says:

    what does this mean se kar um kawa kala kala

    • Usman Usafzai says:

      it means do some work/job some times

      se = some
      kar = work/job/activity
      kawa = do, perform

      kala kala = sometimes

  10. pashtunmal says:

    i’m pashtun but i don’t know pahsto
    help me please

  11. Mohd.Yaseen says:

    as salam bhaijaan……..m an indian and i want to learn pashto………plz help me how to get started… i’m muslim so i know very well how to read arabi…..and i know urdu (both reading and writing…)my mail id is………plz help me…..i shall be thankful to you..

  12. sonu says:

    i wana learn pashto i don’t know why it so i love pashto language

  13. sadam (usman) says:

    love is a life i hove for robina iam very lover

  14. sadam hamdrd says:

    iam lover iam form afghnsitn iam very lover

  15. sadam hamdrd says:

    pashto is good longuge this

  16. sadam hamdrd says:

    pashtu lern is very eziy

  17. Teresa Tedder says:

    I am American and I want to learn pashtu. Can anyone help me to learn.

  18. Teresa Tedder says:

    I have friend from pakistan. I would really like to know how to talk in pashtu. pLEASE Contact Me With help!!!

    • arachosianeagle says:

      Hi Teresa,
      I hope you are doing well at learning Pashto.
      Just in case you have any questions feel free to contact me. Btw what purpose do you want to learn Pashto for? Is it for some basic conversation or for more comprehensive usage?
      I would recommend to start with some easy song texts. Your might be able to make faster progress since you’ll be doing it just as a sideline.


  19. Sanasaif says:

    I am from the US and am engaged to as man from Pakistan. I have learned Pashto to be able to speak to his family. You can learn also, just go to the website BYKI and choose the Pashto language to learn. It only has basic information but it helped me to a huge beginning in learning this language! Good luck!

  20. Asma Pathan says:

    nun ho dase sardi da nu bia warke dung

  21. Asma Pathan says:

    Watan card cha cha ta melao shewe de

  22. shoaib says:

    mujhe pashto sekhna hai kun k man jas se pyer karta ho wo pathan hae to mujhe os k ly sekhni hai

  23. Babygirl says:

    How do i say in pashto: (but please write it with english letters)

    I Love you with all my heart.
    I am just your girl.
    I will never leave you.
    You mean everything for me.
    i love you til death.

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  24. arachosianeagle says:

    I Love you with all my heart.
    I am just your girl.
    I will never leave you.
    You mean everything for me.
    i love you til death.

    D’ z’rlê la kume sta sara mina larêm
    Za yêm jinai sta, bas yauaze yêm sta
    Qasam axlêm za chi jafà ba nê-k’rlêm
    Lê marghalero marjàn na gràn làlia zêma
    Dà me vahda chi ta pê zerl’gi gerzavêm
    So me lahad vanêxli sta mohabat ke gerzêm

    For further explanation write me:)

    • Babygirl says:

      Thank you so much, i really appreciate that! 🙂

      But i got little confused, since u wrote 6 sentence’s.. But i think this: Dà me vahda chi ta pê zerl’gi gerzavêm . And . So me lahad vanêxli sta mohabat ke gerzêm !

      Have the same meaning? Or?

      • arachosianeagle says:

        Hi, your guess is correct. However, I no nothing about your level of Pashto. Considering that you might be someone only occasionally concerned with Pashto my whole interpretation may appear too weired to you. Particularly, because it’s an attempt to fit the rather modern English version into a traditional Pashto poetry which is less straightforward but more figurative, emotional and melodramatic.

        Literally and semantically translated:
        (i) From heart of bottom your with love I have
        (i*)I love you from the bottom of my heart

        (ii)I am girl your, yet only am your
        (ii*)I am your girl, I am only yours

        (iii)Oath take I that disloyalty not to fall for
        (iii*)I swear to stay by your side always

        (iv)Than pearls, corrals more beloved darling of mine
        (iv*)Your are precious for me than many riches

        (v)This is my promise that you inside heart I carry
        (v*)Your will stay inside my heart

        (vi)Until me grave will not take, your love in I wander
        (vi*)Until my last breath I will stay drowned in your love

        Easy Version:
        I love your with all my heart
        Tê màta pê hare màna gràn ye
        I am just your girl
        Za yêm sta jinai
        I will never leave you
        Tà hes-kala nê-xoshe kavêm
        You mean everything for me
        Tê zmà tòl jahàn ye
        I love you till death
        So chi m’rem tê me janàn ye

        Pronouncing: ê = very common vowel in Pashto, sounds like “er” in English painter or smaller;
        a = spelled as in Brit. English, à = stressed a;
        ò = is an extended o like in stolen;

    • aliza says:

      salam me frm pakistan and i ,m interested to learn pashto language ….kindly i need help how can i speak good pashto….and plz reply in english

  25. Marwa says:

    assalamoalikom,i’m very intrested in learning pushtoo,someone help me please.i know french and arabic and english,so please help me

  26. i want to learn pashto. I live in India.. I can read pashto and i know little pashto.. But i want to learn it fluently, anyone please help me. My mail id is

  27. Is there any brother,who could teach me Pashtu?JazakAllah

  28. Search BYKI to learn Pashtu & remember me in ur all prayers.

  29. Mohammed Nawaz says:

    i like to know wat is the meaning of the pashto word ‘Zi-pathe Maiyoniam’

  30. arachosianeagle says:

    “= Ze pe ta mayen yem” is a passive perfect sentence indicated by (ze…yem=I…am) and the adjective (mayen=fond, amorous, lovestroken) said by a male first person speaker and means either ‘I appreciate, admire you’ or ‘I am in love with you’. However, to express ones feelings in this way instead of saying “Sta sara mina larem” or “Te pe ma graan/graana ye” may indicate that the speaker has a crash on the addressed person or feels himself sexually attracted but he’s still far from being really in love with him/her.
    I hope I could help:)

  31. Alma says:


    I am wondering if someone could please be so kind and help me translate this text?

    In advance, thank you soooo much!! Dere manana!!

    tujhe Naaz hai k main haseen hun mere gulistan ko zawal kia..

    mujhe fakhar hai k main ashiq hun jo jala na dun to kamal kia …


    mujhe zindagi ki dua na de mujhe zindagi ki talab nahi…..

    meri mout ko jo taal dey is zindagi ki majal kia


    hamen manziloun ki khabar nahi hame rahguzar ki talash hai..

    is rahguzar par nikal pare to urooj kia or zawaal kia………….


    tere pyar main shikwey giley teri in adaun pe mar chaley ……

    jo hayat thi tujhe war di……………………………………….

    ……………………… ab SHREEN kia or sawal kia

    • arachosianeagle says:

      Salam Alma Jaane!

      Your post is from a month ago and still unresponsed. I guess it’s because many Pashtuns aren’t really enough familiar with Urdu.
      By translating your text into English someone might reply sooner. For instance, I can only guess what it means from its Arabic and Farsi and some Hindi words. However, I still will give it a try:

      1. Line: Te pré naaz kavé ché ze rangina yem
      zema dé gulistaan zavaal ke
      2. Line: dun???
      3. Line: De zhuand duaa me-raakava ze de zhuand
      talab ne-larem
      4. Line: majal???
      5. Line: Pe mandseluno khabar ne-yem de laare-na
      -térédunko hatsa larem
      6. Line: urooj???
      7. Line: sta mina ké shikvé, gilé sta adaavo baandé
      mrema ze
      8. Line: war di??? shreen???(belongs to the poem)

  32. mimi says:

    Can someone please translate this to pashto?
    (but write it with english letters, please)

    Open the door = ???
    what’s up = ???
    Say hello to your friend = ???
    I Love you with all my heart = ???

  33. arif khan says:

    deer kha mama

  34. rat says:

    dil thrasha

  35. r4n says:

    pls will u tell me in engliss letters how to say:

    i love you is it dil tharasha???

    i miss you

    we all miss you

    how are you??

    pass me that please

    will you get it for me??

    your mum is sweet

    you have a big heart

    i love your family

    give me a kiss is it papu raka???

    thank you soooooooo much x

    • arachosianeagle says:

      i love you = sta sara mina laram

      i miss you = ta passe khapa yam

      how are you = tsenga ye?

      pass me that please = ma ta ye raka, (please= if you like it)ka di khuakha vi

      will you get it for me = ma ta ba ye raurle?

      you mum is sweet = sta mor jana khuazha(khuaga) khavas lari

      you have a big heart = ta loy zrla lare

      i love your family = sta koranai ta dranavai laram (i respect your family)

      give me a kiss = macha raka (papu is colloquical)

      than you sooo much x = sta na khuara ziata manena x…

      • r4n says:

        fanx so much…ive tryd to use these but the dialct im lukin for is people dat hav cum frm waisa attock….pakistan…thr da ones im around……pls can u help…i aprreciate wat u hav dun alredy x

  36. r4n says:

    i forgot to mention

    how do you say the words







    thank you x

    • gina says:

      hi ! i can help u…look is pretty easy:
      you is teh
      me is ye
      them” i dunno but u can ask somebody”
      when is wakhti tshi
      how is cengh
      why is waly
      and if u have more questions dont keep it!!

  37. r4n says:

    hi i want to know the dialect of pushto frm people dat r frm attoch waisa in pakistan……the same as above please please i wud be so greatful…..pls cud u ryt dem in english words….xxxxx

    how do you say the words:







    thank you

    i love you is it dil tharasha???

    i miss you

    we all miss you

    how are you??

    pass me that please

    will you get it for me??

    your mum is sweet

    you have a big heart

    i love your family

    give me a kiss is it papu raka???

    thank you soooooooo much x

    my husband wud be proud…x

  38. Laila says:

    Hey Im just a bit confused here 😛
    Can Zargay be used for a girl aswell? Or just a boy??
    If not, then whats another word that can be used for a girl !!
    Thankyou !! xxxx

  39. I am sardarwali wafa i think love is very good with Allah and nabi karim sow

    so i love with all people of afghanistan

  40. paty says:

    hi, could you please translate this sentence in english words please… this is really important for me…. thanks a lot!!!!!

  41. paty says:

    hi, could you please translate this sentence in english words please… this is really important for me…. ker kitta, ma az doorogh kadni guftoom as barey paty, taki dost dokhter e tu bawar kana, famidi

    thanks a lot!!!!!

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    […]Love in Pashto « Learn Pashto Language[…]…

  43. emerald73 says:

    How do you say “I’m scared” in Pashto?

  44. hero says:

    how do u say i luv u

  45. aftab says:

    can any one tezch me pushto????

  46. aftab says:

    sahaar mopa khayr good morning
    maakhaam mo pa khayr goodevening
    wradz mo pa khayr good afternoon
    shpa mo pa khayr good night

  47. gina says:

    i know a bit of pushto and urdu!!!! but i want to learn more pashto for my sweetheart and i really like pashto and there are words that i understand! plzzz help me!! my email adress is ( mujhse help karo!!

  48. Scorpio says:

    can someone translate this to pashto for me, i’ve tried, but cannot get it right…..please
    “You mean so much to me”

    • gina says:

      teh -you
      and the word”mean” i dont know cos i try to learn u can ask the others how to say “mean”

  49. gina says:

    i rembered mean is ” zma”
    you is teh
    mean is zma
    so is kher
    much is ddeer
    to is te
    me is ye.
    so the sentence is” teh zma kher ddeer te ye”

  50. gina says:

    your welcome!!! oh yaeh if u have more questions u can ask me!

    • Scorpio says:

      well, do you know what the below means, someone sent this to me and i didn’t understand it, please help if you can……..

      tha zama da zara sar ye
      zama pa zarda ke osee

      • gina says:

        tha i think is “in” im not sure
        zama is my
        da is what
        and zara i have a doubt that is ” see” but dunno
        ye is me
        pa is with and the rest i have no idea but i think is like swearing something….

      • Scorpio says:

        Gina, i finally managed to find out what this means: “zama pa zarda ke osee”…… means “you live in my heart”

      • gina says:

        good!i couldn’t figure it out because i just begin to learn pashto!

  51. linda lounis says:

    Thank You to Gina and Scorpio for all your recent comments, You are both helping a lot. I am trying to learn Pashto but finding it a little bit difficult. Keep up the good work.

  52. emerald73 says:

    Thank You to Gina and Scorpic for all your recent comments, You are both helping a lot. I am trying to learn Pashto but finding it a little bit difficult. Keep up the good work.

    • gina says:

      i dont know how ..but u can ask somebody!!!! is not hard to learn pashto ..really to say is pretty easy if u get it!! and i really enjoy talking or writing on pashto!!!!!!

  53. emerald73 says:

    Can someone please tell me how I can delete a post or comment I have made. Thank You.

  54. gina says:

    guys i really need to know how you say these words:
    brings, and worry. i wil be pleased if somebody could help me! khuday pa amaan mana de teh!!!

  55. emerald73 says:

    Hi Gina, Thank You very much for your kind words, can you help me Please. How do I say “I miss you very much” in Pashto.

  56. emerald73 says:

    Hi Gina, Thank You again. What does “Khuday pa amaan mana de teh” mean?. Hope you don’t mind me asking.

  57. Claire says:

    i have a couple of questions. Making a little package for my guy overseas. How would you say the following? I found a couple online, just want to make sure they are correct…:)

    Kiss me!
    See you soon
    Forever yours
    Sweet Dreams
    Dance with me!
    I miss you
    Happy Birthday = de zaigaidelo kaleeza dai mubarak sha
    I love you = za la ta sara meena kawom

    Thank you!!!

    • gina says:

      kiss me is -raka ye
      see you- is khary teh ( sorry but i dont know how to say soon”)
      forever yours-jahan ha yavaze
      sweet- is khazz.but dreams i dunno.
      i miss you- ta passe khapa yam

  58. emerald73 says:

    Hi Claire,
    Good Night is “Shpa mo pa kheyr”. Hope that helps you.
    Can anyone help me, How do you you say, “Keep Safe and Well”. Thank You.

  59. gina says:

    instead of keep safe and well you can say”pa khair raghla” means thanks god you came safe and sound.

  60. emerald73 says:

    Thanks Gina.

  61. emerald73 says:

    If anyone else knows the Pashto word for “Safe” then I would be very grateful for your help. Thank You.

  62. emerald73 says:

    You’re Welcome Claire, we are all here to help each other if we can.

  63. Sana Butt says:

    Can someone please translate this to pashto?
    (but write it with english letters, please)
    wats up….
    nice meet wd u
    have a gr8 day
    see u again
    talk 2 u latter

  64. Hairan saib zamong da pukhtoon qam haga zalmi dai chi haga da zindagai har dagar pejani aw da jawnd da nashib firaz na der ba khabara ensan dai laka yaw shair wai chi “nazar laka shaheen zamonga lagai har taraf ta razo ko pa kam shan da cha nazar ki ” no zama matalab da dai chi Hairan saib har taraf ta pam larana sati aw da haga da jawnd experiences da umur na der ziat dai

  65. yasmeen says:

    i want to learn pashto please help

  66. Shazur says:

    Salaam all,
    My husband is Pushto speaking and I would really like to learn to be able to communicate more with my in laws and husband. Would be very grateful for help with this. I want to surprise my husband : ) hence I haven’t asked him. JazakAllahu khair.

  67. alexandria says:

    can you pls help me translate , I miss my husband so much and Pashto is so much sweeter then in English. dera dera manana

    I’m missing you like crazy
    I think I’m going mad
    I simply can’t stop thinking
    of the special times we had.

    Each moment lasts an hour
    Each hour lasts a day
    The clock is ticking slowly
    Just because you went away.

    I need you here beside me
    I just want to see your face
    To feel your precious heartbeat
    And be lost in your embrace.

    I gaze out of the window
    And look up at the moon
    I play the waiting Game
    And pray you’ll be here soon.

    They say hope springs eternal
    Well I only hope it’s true
    For I can’t bare the emptiness
    That comes from missing you.

    • alexandria says:

      or just a sweet Pashto poem that tells him how much I love and miss him….dera dera manana

    • I’m missing you like crazy ……..Sta beltun da ma ta gran dei
      I think I’m going mad ……..Ravanezhama pa ghruno
      I simply can’t stop thinking ……..Sta yado ki dub hairan dei
      of the special times we had. …….vayi soch da mast vakhtuno

      Your distance demands high price
      Makes me take for wild mountains
      Drown in your thughts and confused
      this mind narrates of cheerful times.

      That’s how I would translate it into Pashto. Poems usually do sound kind of ancient in Pashto. Considering that and its correctness with regard to idoms the above stanze came out.
      If you like it, I might find some time over the next days to get it completely done for you.

      • on this occasion you could perhaps tell me where he is from or what dialect he speaks. my translation is in standard western(kandahari) pashto. if he is from eastern afghanistan I will kind of adapt it to his dialect.

  68. alexandria says:

    wow dera dera manana it is beautiful, he is from kunar, if that helps, thank you for taking the time to help me , he is very special to my heart, this means the world to me JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR!!!!

  69. alexia says:

    Landa zindagi da ogdo khabari ma kawa

    Paati sha heesar sha nan da tlo khabari ma kawa

    Darbashama tala za da okhko qafilo sara

    Nor da nanawaato aw jargo khabari ma kawa

    Sam laka da weene yaara tan ke mi khor shaway e

    Os me da zargi na da wato khabari ma kawa

    Ghag zamong da meeni tar khaybara rasidalay day

    Da zali ashna da biyalido khabari ma kawa

    Sok zamung pa meena ch “Parwana” badgumana ve

    Mala ch razi no da hago khabari ma kwa

    can you please translate to English for me please

  70. farah says:

    how can i say….
    i want to kiss you.
    and give me a kiss.
    in pashto ?

  71. misbah says:

    ASSALA-O-ALIKUM ! everyone!
    i wanna learn pashto …….n i tried i lot bt i can’t 😦 will anyone plzzzzzzzzzz help me to learn pashto in easy way ..i shall be very thankfull to u .

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  74. KennethURits says:

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  75. Çok iyi bir paylaşım olmuş teşekkür ederim

  76. FareshtaRehman says:

    If someone just writes “Ta sara” what does that mean, just Love You? and what if they write “i sara dae” is that I love it?

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