All that you need to read, write and speak Pashto

I created this blog a few months ago to provide information about learning Pashto. This effort immensely appreciated which gave me courage to keep it updated and do something more. Some friends sent emails and some supported my efforts. I am thankful to all of you.

Some days ago, a Canadian friend donated domain and hosting for a website which is under strong construction this time. We are working to provide all that you need to read write and speak Pashto. You can visit the site here.

During our work on the site, it will be good to hear from you to know what should you think be placed on the site. Your suggestions and comments mean a lot to us.

For contact:


11 Responses to All that you need to read, write and speak Pashto

  1. ali says:

    پروژه های دانشجویی
    پروژه اکسس ( پروژه Access )
    پروژه کارآفرینی (پروژه هایی در زمینه درس کار آفرینی)
    پروژه های Visual Basic
    پروژه های پایان تحصیلات
    تحویل حداکثر 24 ساعته:

    مقالات کامپیوتری
    مقالاتی جالب و زیبا
    مطالبی شگفت انگیز در مورد خانمها
    بخورید و لاغر شوید
    خلاصه همه چیز از همه جا

  2. tony says:

    i could not find the site. is the link dead?

  3. amina says:

    i am tying to learn pashto but i cant find the site

  4. learnpashto says:

    sorry for that.
    We have some problems in that site and we are working on it.

  5. Emil says:


    I would like to thank the individual(s) behind this great effort to promote Pashto. I myself am very eager to become not only fluent in Pashto, but be able to compose scientific literature in Pashto. I believe the best method for promotion and maintainence of a launguage is to find general use for it. logically, a langauge without application is a dead language.

    Anyhow, I have found the online grammer manual by Dr. Tegey to be an excellent start. I have learned more in the last six weeks than I had hoped to learn.

    By the way, please increase the Pashto font size in your webpage. I am getting old, and seem to require a magnifiying glass to read your Pashto :-).

  6. ډیره زیاته مننه!!
    په دی هیله چی نو پرمختګ ورکړی

  7. sara says:

    i can not speak pashto.i need help to learn and speak pashto

  8. Humdard says:

    i need ur help in my own poetry book correction

  9. Iqbal Hasan Khan says:

    My forefathers used to speak Pushto but unfortunately our generation cant. I am very interested in learning Pushto and have tried some. Now I can read it. My problem is speaking. You know why I am mailing you this letter? Today on Youtube I have heard an American Lady speaking perfect Pukhtoo. When she can, why cant I? Now, I have promised to myself that I will learn Pushto in 3 months InshAllah. I am a drama writer by profession and write in Urdu and Punjabi languages. I wish to write in Pushto. I got books but no teachers. How can I find CDs etc or helping books. Please help me. God bless you.

  10. very glad to know on “tappa”, one of the ancient form of pashto poetry, it had leaves to me a lot of queries. If someone will be kind to me, and give me a list or a link of websites where I can find some name of common name of flowers in pashto, as well as dari which are urgently required for my next novel.

    I am a writer (please visit my site Indian. writing a vast novel based on India -pakistan _afghanistan on the backdrop of coldwar era.

    Waiting for a response.

    Thanking You.

    Your sincerely


  11. Hyrah Khaan says:

    i want to learn pushto language plz plz i shall b v thnkful 2 ew.sikha day koi.

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