Learn Pashto Writing and Speaking

As a language learner need so much and different resources to learn fleunt writing and speaking, unfortunately, there is a lack of these much resources on the internet to learn Pashto. Some websites and softwares are available as I have written about in my previous posts, yet a learner, beginner and advance level, needs real practice.

I have started to teach Pashto through regular lessons by email, chat on skype and  phone conversations for low fees. For those who want to improve their reading and writing skill want to practice their speaking skills can contact anytime.

Also contact for translating books, phmaplets, documents, ads, etc from English into Pashto and Urdu and vice versa. And other information on Pashto, Pashtoons, Pashto books and Pashto literature.

For more details please contact on ahhairan@gmail.com


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  1. zakia says:

    i belong to a pathan family, but live the alomost whole life in punjab (pakistan) so i understand but cannot speak fluently or grammatically. i will b grateful if some one help me in grammar.

  2. Ajab Khan says:

    Hello! and Welcome to this great site i love pashto but the prob is that i have spend my whol life in punjab and now i can only speek urdu.

    • haris says:

      Mr.Ajab khan this is the worst comment ive seen so far. i live my whole life in punjab even in lower punjab but my parents always spoke pushto with us and we never forgot our language. but if you try you can still learn it anyway.
      the bottom line is…its never too late ;).

  3. Iddy says:

    would like to learn the langauge, we have cousins who speak pushtu and my mom does too but ive only learned to speak my language of inko, which still sucks b/c i am illiterate in it!

  4. Through Grace Peace says:

    Truth Escapes Satans Grip

    I had a dream.
    I saw satan swimming slowly, languorously, smiling,
    wafting down a river of blood.
    More and more as he spread his blood drenched arms
    across each bank, people murdered themselves
    and murdered their neighbors.
    Their blood poured out filling the river deeper and deeper,
    and satan patiently, willfully, joyfully
    screeched a hideous cry of encouragement.
    The unwitting souls on the riverbank, stood
    with their eyes firmly fixed on the heavens
    spoke the name of God,
    then committed self-murder,
    and satans fingers, dripping blood, dragged their souls
    into his hell bound torrent.
    Occasionally a bright beam of truth
    would shine upon one of the souls on the riverbank
    and they would simply walk away.
    And satan thrashed and screamed each time
    as another soul escaped his grip.

    Could someone translate this into Pashto?
    Through Grace Peace

  5. Riaz khan says:

    Asalam alaikum.. i m from peshawar, may ap sab ke help karna chahta ho, jo pashto sekhna or bolna chahta hay.

    {Waye aghyar che da dozakh jaba da
    zaba pukhto sara janat ta zama}

    razi che zrona warta kedo da golono pa zye
    beya ba de waye che ikhlass pa pokhtano ke nawo.

  6. subah khan says:

    plz plz anybody who knows any website which teaches Pashto easily so plz mail me the website link …i’ll be very thankfull to you people!

  7. muhammad abid says:

    I am from pathan from NWFP but lived for whole life in Karachi,now i am in Australia and want to pashto writing(translation) even i am fluent in speaking but can not understand written language pl give me any suggestion that could help me to read pashto books and newspapers
    Thanks & Regard

  8. Abdul Hafeez says:

    Hello Zakia , I belong form pathan family, Pushto is my native language.
    If u feel to learn then please contact me on my private e-mail “hafeezpirzada@gmail.com”
    U will find me helpful….
    Da ALLAH pa AMAN

  9. sara says:

    i want to speak pashto

  10. AOA
    i want to speak pashto. but i can not speak grammatilly.

  11. amjad khan says:

    asak.. as iam known as pathan i want to learn pashto language plz help me out in this..shukran

  12. I am really glad to see a person who has dedicated himself to such a precious job of providing endless and advantageous information for a language like Pashto. I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much for your precious pioneering task!

  13. armghan says:

    hello !
    same problem here with me !
    all life in urdu and punjabi !
    so plz help me learning pushto !
    i love to be a speaker of pashto !
    i want to understand rehman baba’s poetry by my own !

  14. michael k rohde says:

    I am interested in learning to read and write pashto. please contact me. ph @ 619-952-5675

  15. AMB says:

    د پښتو ابېڅو پېژندنه او کارونه
    Knowing the Pashto Alphabetes and its Use.

    د پښتو ابېڅې (الفبا) ټول ټال ۴۴ ابېڅې دي او ليکدود ېې له عربي ابېڅو په بڼه رامنځته شوی او ليک او لوست ېې هم لکه د عربي پشان له ښي اړخ نه پيلېږي .
    The pashto Alphabetes are totaly 44 alphabetes and its fonts are of arabic style and could be read and written from the right side to to left as arabic.

    د پښتو ابېڅې (الفبا) پدې ډول دي .
    The Pashto Alphabetes are as this :
    ا ، ب ، پ ، ت ، ټ ، ث ، ج ، چ ، ځ ، څ ، ح ، خ ، د ، ډ ، ذ ، ر ، ز ، ژ ، ږ ، ړ ، س ، ش ، ښ ، ص ، ض ، ط ، ظ ، ع ، غ ، ف ، ق ، ک ، ګ ، ل ، م ، ن ، ڼ ، ه ، و ، ی ، ئ ، ې ، ي ، ۍ .
    Alef ; Bay ; Pay ; Thay; TTay (hard sound) ; Ce (SAY) ; Jeem ; Che (Chay) ; Dze (ZZay); Tse (tssy); Hhay ; Khay (xche); Daal; Ddaal (hard sound) ; Zaal ; Ray; Zay ; Zhay (a sound which is found in french and you combine your teeth and your toungue’s middle part meet the upper jaw ); Gay ; Rray (hard sound , found in Indian language its sound comes from when you take your toungue’s peak turn it towards back side of you upper jaw) ; Cin (Seen) ; Sheen ; Xeen( Kheen; a sound which comes when you press or bite the right and left sides of your toungue ); Swath (Swat) ; Dwath (Dwat); Thoi (Toi) ; Zoi ; Aiyn (Ayn) ( an arabic sound comming out from a throut) ; Ghain(Ghayn) (an arabic sound comes from open mouth without touch you tongue (sound of crow) ); Fay; Qqaaf (an arabic soun pushing your back part of toungue backwards and making sound) ; Kaaf; Gaaf(Gaph); Laam; Meem; Noon ; Noorn(its original pashto sound , you can make it by first joining your toungue’s peake with upper jaw and at last turning your toungue ’s peak backward) ; Hay; Wow; Yea ; Aie ; Ay; E ; Ei (french sound e with an apostrof on head).

    Joining the alphabetes to make a word.
    Alef +Cin(seen)+Laam+Alef+Meem ( its important to think about the sounds not about the names written structure) for example => AY + ECH+EM+EE+DE
    Now from that form of the combination we get a word (AHMED) .
    SO its important to thik about the sounds more here to not become confuse.
    Now start with Pashto alphabetes and join them making the words.
    Alef +Cin(seen)+Laam+Alef+Meem ( ا+ س+ ل + ا+ م )
    ASALAM ( Hello/Hei ) = اسلام
    Zay +Hay+ ( ZA ) (I / Iam) = ( ز+ ه ) ، زه

    Now you can continue making words from the following alphabetes:

    ا ، ب ، پ ، ت ، ټ ، ث ، ج ، چ ، ځ ، څ ، ح ، خ ، د ، ډ ، ذ ، ر ، ز ، ژ ، ږ ، ړ ، س ، ش ، ښ ، ص ، ض ، ط ، ظ ، ع ، غ ، ف ، ق ، ک ، ګ ، ل ، م ، ن ، ڼ ، ه ، و ، ی ، ئ ، ې ، ي ، ۍ .

  16. AMB says:

    try to analyse these words and place it in divided structural form like in above lessons.
    for example )=> Happy = KHwaXch (خوښ)(Khwakh), to analyse this adjective (word) we have to follow the rule from above: KHwaXch(Khwakh) = KHAY+WOW+XEEN(XCHEEN)= KHWAKH
    NOW : analyse these words to practice more and more:
    Play = لوبه = Loba
    Eat = وخوره = Wokhra
    Come = راشه = Rasha
    Go = لاړشه / ځه = Za / Larrsha
    You = ته = Teh
    I = زه = Za
    He = هغه = Hagha
    She = هغه = Hagha
    (to be noted that since Pashto language is a bitt exclusive in its structure and its grammer is bitt different than the common grammers of the english language or maybe of the other langauges so is most semilar to the French and with some of scandinavian langauges. here as you see both for HE/SHE I used (HAGHA) which refers to the pronounes, but when you introduce some one to other like )=> HE IS A BOY )=> HAGHA YAW HALIK DA ; SHE IS A GIRL )=> HAGHA YAWA JANAI DA : but when we come to the possisive form of pronoun then the form of the prounoun changes and in pashto it should be appointed or should be used like difinite artcle to be more clear , like for example )=> SHE ATE FOOD = HAGHAY KHWARRA WOKHWARRE. you see here we used instead HAGHA (HAGHAY). for masculan we dont change the form.
    I hope you get this lessin seriousely and learn from it as iam not a teacher maybe it would have some irrelevant form of explanations.

  17. farrah says:

    salam,i really want to learn pashtu language if its possible for some1 to help me out.. i’ll be looking forward thnx:P

    • arifa karim says:

      salam i know more pashto than anyone in here the website i can teach u like i am a teacher i know pashto

    • navid says:

      I m professional Speaker and writer I would like help you out. You can eamil me ok.

      • Humra says:

        hi, salaam
        i’m really keen on learning pashto a lot of my friends are pathaans in the group my first language is english im australian born – and i don’t trust they give me correct meanings or translations so i’d like to show them 🙂
        i’m also considering a trip later in the year or perhaps early next yr to pakistan and since i have many friends also holidaying/ returning froms studying in Australia we have made a programme to stay in each persons town etc so considering majority are pathaan i think it would be wise to learn a bit and just for fun.

        could you help me basic writing and more in depth conversational and understanding?


      • Humra says:

        don’t ask y but my punjabi frnds call me hera it kinda sticks more 🙂

        they say its means diamonds or somthng lol i dont knw who to trust with their translations 🙂 perhaps i shuld learn punjabi too 😛

  18. farrah says:

    like i said be4 i want to learn pashtu leaving my personal email if some1 wants to help me out..faro1120@yahoo.com..:P

  19. Janina says:

    Salam, I´m from Germany, but I love Pashto and would really like to learn it. Do you know websites, where you can learn pashto. I´, sorry if I ask something which was already mentioned. Thank you! May Allah always smile upon you.

  20. AMB says:

    hello Farrah and Janina !’
    I thank you for asking about the help in pashto language , I will give you a link where you can download pashto books , but iam not sure you can read it or not, the informations are not described in english.
    here is a link..

    its a website for afghan children in sweeden

  21. AMB says:

    anybody who is interested and want to learn pashto(afghan) language iam at their service . but please try to response regularly and learn the lessons while i will be making for you guys, secondly if anyone who donate and buy a domain where we can only devote that to the learning of pashto will be more usefull.
    with regards

  22. saieda saadaat says:

    hello amb thanks alot
    your information was very good and was usful for me.
    please help me to learn pashto language words for example you writ many word with spell&mean.yaw jahan manana.

  23. AMB says:

    Pashto words and meanings for the foreigners.

    Study = لوستل;لوست » LOWAST/ LOWASTAL
    Pen = قلم، لوندکښ » QALAM / LONDKAX
    Pencil = وچکښ ، پنسل » WOCHKAX/ PENCIL
    complete = بشپړ، مکمل » BESHPARR/ MOKAMAL
    House = کور » KOR
    Stairs = زينې، پوړۍ » ZEENAY / PORRAY
    Water = اوبه » OBEH
    Food = خواړه » KHOWARRA
    Bread = وچه ډوډۍ ، ډوډۍ » DODAY, WOCHA DODAY
    Cloths = کالي » KAALEE
    Dress = ښځينه کالی » KHAZEENA KAALEE
    Uniform = ځانګړې جامه ، يونيفورم » ZANGARRE JAME, UNIFORM
    Thanks = مننه » MANANA
    Congratulation = موبارک، مبارک » MOBARAK
    Celebration = نمانځل » NOMANZAL(we also pronouce it as(LMANZAL) , but we write it as (NOMANZAL)).

    here you go learn it and make sentences on each word.

  24. AMB says:

    If anyone needs further help in grammer of pashto also contact me by the e-mail = gurbatt@yahoo.com

  25. AMB says:

    sAeida Saadaat asalamoalaikom
    If you understood the above lessons , so please if you can use the words and repeat the form of structure and write it on the blogg here so others could follow you and also ask questions if you have .
    that would be a better communicative study which could ensure you , me and others to fully participate.
    with regards

  26. saieda saadaat says:

    brother or sister that your name is amb asalamoalaikom .thanks very much.iam from afghanistan but sorrowfully i live another country. my mother tongue is dari. in past i did not know any thing about pashto but now i learnt alphabet- phrases-proverbs&many words of pashto language.ofcourse this success is from your lessons and this blog.with many thanks دیره مننه

  27. muhammad asad says:

    hi i m a pathan i started learning pushto late i can understand well n can reasonably speak, i face in past tenses n how to enhance my vocabulory i ll be obliged if u help me thanks

  28. AMB says:

    salamo alaikom
    Saieda Saadaat and mr. Muhammad Asad , I would like to go through from zero to hundred. but as you mentioned , I can write you words it not a problem i hope you manage to learn the rest by yourself.

    what is a Past Tense?
    A past tense is a tense , sequience , circumstances or situation which people deal in about the past , about the things or speachs which is already done.
    in pashto language it is like this..
    تېرمهال ، دا هاغه مهال ،وخت ، حالت بيانوي چې څه تېر شوي وي ، څه باندې وخت تېر شوی وي ، د غورو (خبرو) او کړو وړو چې مهال ېې تېر وي څېړل کېږي. لکه د بېلګې په توګه ..

    احمد اوبه وڅکښلې (وڅښلې) ـ AHMED DRUNK WATER
    Ate = وخواړه ، وخوړل wokhware / wokhwaral
    Spoke = وغږېده ، وغږېد woghaged / woghagede
    Talked = خبرې وکړې ، وغږېده، وغږېد khabre wokre , woghageda , woghagede
    Told = وې وېل ، wewel
    Kept = وې ساته ، وېساته ، خوندي ېې کړ wesate , khwandee ye kar
    Played = ولوبېد wolobed
    Slept = ويده شو ،weede sho
    Burnt = وسوځېد ، وسو woswadzed , woso.

    here are some i hope there is no mistakes in there , but if there is please inform me . best of luck

  29. saieda saadaat says:

    dear teacher alaikom salam.thank you for new lesson.

  30. AMB says:

    Dear Saieda Saadaat salamona ..
    I realy خوښوموم that somebody call me a teacher , however iam a student my self. by the way iam also glad that these small lessons can help you and help others.

    let me explain to you some Parts of speach..

    there are more parts of speach but here i will just explain some to you.

    1) Noun = نوم = Noom
    2) Pronoun = نومځر = Nomzar
    3) Verb = فعل = Fail
    4) Adverb = قيد = Qaid
    5) Infinitive = مصدر، مرستيال توري = Masdar, rastYalTorai

    6) Preposition = ربط توری = Rabt Torai
    7) Adjective = ستاينوم، صفت = StaiNoom, Sefat

    8) Artcle = تړنګنوم = TarangNoom
    9)Conjunction = وصل توری، نښلولو توری = Wasl Torai, Naxkhlawolo Torai

    اوس به ېې تاسو ته تشريح کړم

    Now I will explain these one by one to you..
    for today you have to learn the names above and its pronunciations , next time I will go through the explainition of each part of speach..
    Here is about the )=>

    Noun = نوم

    په پښتو کې ورته نوم وايوو. نوم د يو څيز ، يا کس د پېژندلو لپاره کارېږي . د بېلګې په توګه
    زمری ، افغان، اوسلو، مڼه، صوفيه ، کمپيوټر .. او داسې نور.
    په نومونو کې دوه ډوله نومونه لرو چې ورته عام نوم (اسم عام) او ځانګړی نوم (اسم خاص ) وايي .
    عام نوم … دا داسې نوم ته وايي چې د عامو څيزونو ، ځايونو ، او کسانو د پېژندلولپاره يو شانتې وي ، لکه
    د بېلګې په توګه ..ښار، ملک، وطن، کلی، هلک ، نجلۍ ، څيز ، شی، شيان ، خواړه، او داسې نور..
    ځانګړی نوم … دا داسې نوم دی چې د کس، ځای او څيز ځانګړتيا پکې ښکاری او يوازې د هغه کس، ځای، يا څیز نوم وي .
    د بېلګې په توګه… احمد، کابل، افغانستان، بنز، اوباما، برلين، ملالۍ ، شامي کباب، بادرنګ، توش قلم… او داسې نور

    Noun is called NOOM in Pashto , and it derives the name of a person, Place and things , for example:
    Zmarai, Afghan, Oslo, Apple, Sofia , Computer and etc..

    په لاندې جملو کې نوم په وپېژنۍ او په نخښه ېې کړۍ .
    In the following sentences try to know and appoint the Noom (noun).

    دا ګېند د زمري دی

    = DAA GAYND DE ZMAREE DAI = ( This is Zmarai’s Ball)

    مڼه خوندوره ده
    = MANRA KHWANDAWORA DA = (An Apple is delicious)

    زه يو کمپيوټر لرم
    = ZA YAW COMPUTER LAREM = (I have one Computer)

    د نجلۍ نوم صوفيه ده
    =DE JALAY NOOM Sofia DA=(The name of a girl is Sofia )

    د ناروې پلازمېنه اوسلو ده =DE NARWAY PLAZMENA Oslo DA =(The Capitalof Norway is Oslo)

    دئ افغان دی
    = DAI AFGHAN DAY = (He is an Afghan)

    (Daa Gaynd De Zmaree Day ) > In this sentence as you see we have changed the name (ZMARAI) into (ZMAREE) , here its because in Pashto the noun changes when it comes to the belongings, like when we say
    (THIS BALL IS BELONGING TO ZMARAI) in english just we add the extra conjunction word (belonging) or we add apostroph , but in Pashto we have to change the Name’s format and appoint it to the sepcific person.

    (DAA GAYND DE ZMAREE DAY ) its english translation
    but as we see in english its appointed by apostrophe and in the same manner in pashto it is possessively added (EE ي) to the name (ZMARAI) .

  31. saieda saadaat says:

    dear teacher salamo alaikom
    thank you very very much .above lesson was important & usful for me.please excuse me if you are tired of writing.i am really sorry for this problem.i hope excuse me.with many thanks and best regards.

  32. AMB says:

    Dear sister Saieda Saadaat ws.
    its my pleasure to help anyone , and its sawab(rewards) too to make someone understand in any good work. anyway , I want you to write the names I have mentioned in the upper lesson. also try to make some sentences , no matter if you do mistake or not i will just assure me that you understood. so untill next lesson have a good day and time.

  33. saieda saadaat says:

    dear my brother salamo alaikom.
    i write this sentences but i do not know that are true or fals!
    زه دري ورور لرم-زما نوم سعيده دي-دنجلي نوم زرغونه ده-هغه دودي وخوره-زه لوست كتاب-دا خواره خوندوره ده-
    د افغانستان پلازمينه كابل ده-دا وطن افغانستان دي
    هغه ناروغه دي-هغه انجنير دي
    دا كالي د ملالي دي(daa kaalee de malalee day)
    دا مرغه د احمدي دي(daa morgha de ahmadee day)
    دا ماشوم د زمري دي(daa mashom de zmaree day)
    dear teacher i have a question.why some times we should say (day)&some times say (da)?
    ديره مننه معلم و برادر عزيز

  34. AMB says:

    First let me explain the word pronoun: Pronoun is a short cut of noun or a word which is used instead of noun. For example:

    Common sentences pronoun based sentences

    Zmarai goes to Kabul = He goes to Kabul

    In the above sentence , HE is used instead Zmarai which means that is a Pronoun for the name of Zmarai.

    In Pashto Language We have five basic pronouns which some are sub divided into different indicative pronouns .
    first of all thank you for your attention I will answer your question here then will explain each pronoun and will give an example as well.

    Regarding your question ,
    why we use DAY دې ? and where? And why we use DE د and where?
    Why we use DAY دې ??
    ولې په پښتو کې موږ (دې ) کاروو او چېرته؟

    دې ٬ په پښتو کې د اضافه منفصل ضمير يا تړننومځر په نوم يادېږي ، دا اضافه تړن نومځر ځکه په پښتو کې کارېږي چې د پښتو ژبې دجلمو په کارونه کې موږ ته اضافي مرسته راکوي . د ٬دې ٬ کارونه په يوې جملې کې د پښتو ژبې ځانګړتيا ښکاره کوي ، او دا د مخاطب لورې موضوع ته زموږ پام اړوي. همداسې دا دوه ډوله بېلو جملو کې کارېږي . يوه ډول جمله کې د مفرد مونث (ښځينه) نژدې لورې اشاره ورګرځوي ، بل ډول جمله کې لکه د اضافي تړنې په څېر د موضوع اصل اړخ ته اشاره ورګرځوي چې په هغې کې هم د اضافي مفرد مونث يا مذکر نژدې لورې ته اشاره ده او د پښتو ژبې د جوړښت په تړاؤ ېې همداسې طريقه ده چې هرڅه مونث يا مذکر لري او د جملې په اساس بېلېږي .

    We use DAY(دې as an extra determiner in a phrase or a sentence which relates to the pronoun part of speach , it is a system which can be found in every language grammer but in its own way or type, every Noun is defined as masculine and feminine , and in pashto language everything you mention the pronouns should be determined by its specific gender. In this case this (DAY دې ) is used as a determiner and extra determiner in two different sentences , one is used for a near determention of singular feminine word (her/her’s) and another is used as possessive determiner to the sentence .

    For example follow the sentences below..
    لکه د بېلګې په توګه …

    (here i will analyse the sentence for you to understand better)

    ژوندی دې وي = ZHWANDAI DAY WEE = MAY IT LIVE

    ژوندی + دې وي + افغان Object +determines the subject to object + subject

    دې ته ما ووېل = ( DAY TA MAA WOOWEL)= I TOLD HER
    Here (DAY = دې ) is personal pronoun without apostroph (HER).

    تل دې وي افغانستان =( TEL DE WEE AFGHANISTAN)= Long Live Afghanistan

    Again here its a determiner which appoints towards the Noun =Afghanistan

    Now Why we Use DE = د ? This is because it joins and complete a sentence,
    This term is used mainly as an article its english is ( a , it, an, The ), but some times it is used conjoined with pronoun which is called the conjoined nknown pronoun( it can be appointed only by finger) .
    For example =
    د افغانستان بانک = DE AFGHANISTAN BANK = The Bank of Afghanistan
    Here DE = THE . it is determined by the article before noun.
    د دغه کار دی = DE DAGHA KAAR DAI =It is his work ( we dont know whose? , but you can appoint towards and here its mentioned towards near person).

    ستا د سترګو بلا واخلم = STA DE STARGO BALA WAKHLAM = I adore your eyes (I maya dore your eyes)

    So here we used the DE as article too bu tits typically pashto i didnt fined english explaination for it but , you can just assume it as a helper to join word to complete a sentence.

    I hope you understand this lesson too , i will come up with rest of the pronouns and examples , this month i have some exams so i may not be able to make the lessons soon. Inshallah later sometimes if we lived.

  35. AMB says:

    now regarding your sentences that you made , should say thats very well, but remains some small thing let me correct some of them .

    1)da kalee da malalee day )its a bitt wrong in the last form, because you mentione plurel then again finished it with a singular verb.
    right form is here => Daa Kaalee De Malalai dee =
    ( Always remember when you begin with singular masculin form of sentence then finish it with singular musculine verb , Day دی( its masculine) ,
    ده DA = Its a feminine singular verb.
    so you should say ( Daa Kaalee De Malalai dee ) .
    2) the second one is perfect, but try to evoid دي و instead write دی , Daa maargha (morgha) de Ahmadee day. (this is Ahmadee’s bird). دي is used in plurel form.
    3) this is also fine just you sshould learn the difference between singular form and plural and masculine noun and feminine one.
    ok res is fine , also it seems you have no pashto keyboard so you need to install from some afghan websites. good luck

  36. AMB says:

    salamona everyone
    I found a book which is realy a helpful for all foregners who want to understand the structure of pashto language and learn pronunciation.
    you can find the book from the link bellow:


  37. BHADANA says:

    hi people i am punjabi but pakhto kho da se darzii k singa tasso zararra ghawariii 🙂 da website kho dair informative and helpfull deee

  38. Diana says:

    Hi! I need someone to translate the word “welcome” into Pashto. It’s for my daughter’s elementary school. They are having international culture night.
    Thanks in advance.

  39. Shehzada says:

    Hi Diana,

    ‘welcome’ is Pakhair Raghley in Pashto. It is written like this: پخېر راغلې

    Good luck for your daughter!

  40. Diana says:

    Thank you so much, Shehzada! I really appreciate it!

  41. Tor_Khan says:

    I love this blog. مننه

    Prayers and wishes to all.


  42. Reena says:

    AMB….i want to learn writing pushto language…can i have your email id please so that i can contact you…i shall be very thankful to you…

  43. khilji says:

    i need summ help in Pustho lang”
    am khilji but cant read it ….want to improve ma language………..


  44. AMB says:

    پښتو ليک او لوستلار
    لومړی چې تر ټولو اړين دی هغه دا چې تاسو د اېڅو (الفبا) پېژندنه وکړی شۍ.
    دوهم د ژبې د کارونې لپاره د وړ مهال وړ جملې او ويونه وکاروۍ
    درېيیم تاسو بايد چې له ځان سره د ليکنې لپاره ليکچه ولرۍ او ځينې اړين مالومات نوټ کړۍ
    څلورم تاسو بايد چې خبرې پرې وکړۍ او مهالونه وشينلی شۍ .

    Ways to write and read Pashto

    1) First of all you have to understand and know the Alphabetes of the language

    2) Secondly you have to find the proper tense at the proper time and use them in a proper sentences

    3) Thirdly you have to have a note book where you can note some of them main points and notice the informations from it

    4) The most important after understanding is to begin communications and get into speaking and you have to be able to analyse the different times and tenses.

  45. S.AHMED says:


  46. sanam says:

    i want to learn pashtoo language.ur site is good but i’m atanding at zero point of pashtoo language. may learn this language with help of you.

    • ZEE says:

      I can help you with Pashto 🙂 It is very easy.

      • M.K. says:

        Can you recommend a good dictionary that shows the word in Pashto script, with an English definition? A transliteration for pronunciation would be helpful but is not required. My problem is that phrase books don’t contain the pashto script. On line dictionaries are incomplete or limited in the number of words they contain. I can’t learn new words if I don’t know what they mean in English and how to spell them correctly in Pashto.

        I appreciate any help or information.


  47. sanam says:

    i want to learn pashtoo language.ur site is good but i’m standing at zero point of pashtoo language. may i learn this language with help of you?.

  48. shoaib says:

    assalamualaikum amb , i am in india, will you please help me in learning speaking pushto,

  49. shoaib says:

    please will anyone teach to speak in pushto.e-mail me shoaib_200701@yahoo.co.in

  50. AMB says:

    asalam alaikom everyone, Hello to all.
    regarding the pronunciation of the words you should ask the admin of this website who is a reporter himself and have the opportunity to provide you the audio listnings . I would have done that but I dont know where to put them and how to serve them to you all.
    mr. Shoaib aslaam alaikom from my side too .. If you want to learn the speaking form of the language you have to be in contacts with the people whose language is pashto and try to hear the different pashto radio or tv programmes . especialy try to read and listen to the news and make the questions and ask.
    here i can only provide you an explainations , discreptions of the grammer and can come up with my own way teachings , iam not any professional teacher neither did I teach anyone online , its my own interests as a hobby that i try to provide some basic informations regarding Pashto language. so if you have any question you can only put it here and ask inshallah i will be answering that to you soon or later . iam busy with some works so sometimes it takes a long while answering you all here so sorry for that inconviniency.

    • shoaib says:

      wa alaikum salam AMB
      thanks for responsing, plz if you have any learning pushto from urdu book , send me link,
      allah ap ko jazai khair de

    • Ehsan Khan says:


    • Ehsan Khan says:

      Tolo ta pa jama “Assalamualakum”
      Ma la dero khalgo na da”Bridegroom: da pashto mani tapos okro ‘kho cha sahi jawab ra na kay. NO taso tolo ta khaskar AMB ta da arz de che ma ta da de meaning ra okhode. Dera dera MANANA.

  51. ZEE says:

    Contact me learning Pashto at zaheermemonzai@yahoo.com

    • rabia khan says:

      hy zee!!
      i wanna learn pashto badly…. i knw a little bit bqz we r pathans 4m peshwr but was born in Usa nd realli want 2 learn it nw….. plxxx help man

  52. Fatima says:

    hello i m fatima … i really want to learn pasto….
    can sm1 plz help me with this sentence and tell me that what does it mean
    zam ta sara dera mena kom!

    • Babygirl says:

      Salam Aleikum!

      I am very interested in learning different language’s. And since pashto is very cute language and not to much hard to learn, and my lovely boyfriend is pashto speaker. So then i wanted to learn pashto 4 him.

      I can ask him to learn me, and of course he will. He already learned me some words, but i want to suprise him one day, by talking to him. Then he will get shocked that i just talk pashto, from where i have learned?

      So if anyone is interested to help me, just by some words. Then send me a Mail on: Mirapedersen@live.no .. There i have a mail with some words i want you to translate for me to pashto.. Thanks! 🙂

    • Babygirl says:

      Oh i’m sorry, i posted the message as an reply 2 you.

      Zam ta sara dera mena kom = I LOVE YOU..

      Isn’t that right? My boyfriend says it like this: Za ta sara meena kawoum.. So as you see it was almost the same, so i guess it have the same meaning just in annother dialect! 🙂

  53. Alex says:

    Hello dear ones,
    i just want if there is some easy and totally functional online pashto dictionary.
    I shall be thankful to you.

  54. afg says:

    theres this student who teaches pashto and its reli helpful …….here check it out….. http://www.youtube.com/watchv=JNQNF0E9Gro&feature=related

    if the link dunt work go to youtube.com and jus type in the search….(learn pashto) and dere will be lots of videos in how to learn pashto….

  55. M.K. says:

    Can anyone please translate the following phrase word for word in order for me?
    په مخه دی گلونه

    I want to learn what the words گلو and مخه mean. Those are new words for me.

    Then please tell me what it means in general.

    Thank you

  56. armghan says:

    hi —
    wanna help —-

  57. sohail ahmad says:

    hi dear
    i m pathan but i cant write or read pushto so plz send me free learing saits on net i wanna learn to write and read pushto.

  58. sidra says:

    hi to every one and advnce eid mubarak. iam from peshawar but unluckily i dont know pushto how to speak and prononce. but thanx to AMB ur lectures help me alot please tell us more about pushto. waiting for your next lecture.

  59. Abdul wahab says:

    hey i need to learn pushto means writing i can speek it without hindrance

  60. Jawaid Khan says:

    I am desireous to learn Pashtu but still I am trying to get the software or book. Will you be my friend to let me know where are the books and software available so I can purchase or download it. I can speak and write sindhi, urdu and understand punjabi also.

  61. sidra says:

    AMB we r waiting for ur next lecture. please also teach us to make sentences

  62. hanzel says:

    hi! i am filipina from Philippines, i have a Boyfriend from pakistan hes pathan, sometime cant understand of each other coz he not know how to speaked more English…. i want to learned more about pashtu language, Plz what is the online but with not paying how to learned this language…. God Bless if you hepl me…

  63. Swatai says:

    Someone was just asking me if I know any websites that can help people learn Pukhto! Good I accidentally came across this blog 🙂
    Staso dera manana, AMB, che taso khpal tem da dona kha kaar da paara istimalawai. Khudey mo mal sha!

  64. tara says:

    plz can anyone translate this kalam .

    paimona bady k khumorastum
    mnoshoke chshme mastearastum
    bady bady k khomorastum
    chasmatkbaa ooakhutan mainmonay
    muyatba gulab khare chamn maeonnay
    gul rooobkuneet warq warq maa lalae zarabe watn mainmonaen
    azghamadane tader khaber main dashtum
    pashe qadamut koocharagul main khooshtum
    (g)kulrekhoshtum gule gula mainkhooshtum
    khake qadam izpade dame wada ashtum
    paimono bad(the)y

  65. AMB says:

    د پښتو ژبې د لیکنې د زده کړې لپاره تاسو ته پکار ده چې د ژبې بنسټيزه تګلاره زده کړۍ او د بنسټ پيل ېې د پنځو ېې ګانو نه پیلېږي.

    The basic rule to learn how to write and make sentences in Pashto language, First you have to follow its five last alphabetes and learn tthem basicaly with their pronunciations .

    د بېلګې په توګه
    For Example:

    ی .. سړی، غويی ، کودی، لمسی، زوی، پاتی او داسې نور

    Its pronounciation is semilar to (ai)sound of
    english version

    ې .. خوږې، لوبې ، ښې، ژاؤلې، داسې، او نور.

    Its pronunciation is semilar to the sound (ay)of english .

    ي.. خوري، څښي، ځي، راځي، او داسې نور.

    Its pronunciation is semilar to the sound (ee) of English

    ئ ..ښوونکئ، زده کوونکئ، دئ ، خوريئ ،

    Its pronunciation is semilar to the sounds conjoined by (y) of English

    ۍ .. ځۍ، نجلۍ، ډوډۍ، ګاډۍ، او داسې نور.

    Its pronunciation is semilar to the sounds conjoined by (ei) of english.

  66. Manal says:

    I don’t know how to speack Pashto. I really want to. I just learned Arabic in just two days and I can speack it perfetly well.

    Shukran for listening, means (thanks)

  67. mishal says:

    Hi, Can some one tell me, what to write, if some one ask “sanga aye”?
    How to write the answer that I am fine. How are you doing? Long time no news…
    Let me know quick…I have to impress my pashtoon friend
    waiting for ur replies!!! 🙂

    • gina says:

      hi.. you have to say: za kha yam..mananna.ta sanga ye?
      means : im fine thanks, and you? you cant say “how are u doing?” but u can say:”how are u?” and u say it” tsenga ye?”
      long time no news is ” ddeer wakht washo na nawe.(new)

  68. lara says:

    hi how are you every body i want to learn the pashoto language as soon as in fact i do not to learn writing i just want to speak and if any one talk to me i want to be able to understand him fastly

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    My name is Behjat I would to learn Pashto to speck and understand. Please let me know if you are able to help.

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    help me any of you. thank from uuuu

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    how is infidel writen in pashto

  72. khan says:

    هیله ده چی تاسو به ټول جوړاوروغ یاست او داسو ټولو ملګرو ته ښه صحت غواړم.
    ملګیرو خبره داده چی دا سایډ باید دا رقم جوړ سي چیرته چی خلګه وکړاې شی چی پښتو ولولې او تاسو باید د هغه لپاره کار وکړې.او په خپل دهغه سایډ کی تاسو باید پښتو پاوڼډ کیږدې او تاسو باید پښتو سایډونو لینکو پر لیکه کړې

  73. Azadkhan Niaz says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am in Studying in Kabul University in Literature, and I am Pukhtoon. so don’t hesitate to contact if you have problems in Pashto Language.


    Azadkhan Niaz

    • Mike says:

      So, if I want to learn to read and write – are there books you would suggest? Are flash cards a good idea for the alphabet?

    • Gadoon says:

      How do i contact you? i really need to learn pushto,cos i’m a pathan and its a digrace that i dont know my language.

  74. jabeen khan says:

    I would like to like basic simple pharases and to learn how to communitcate (conversation) in Pushto language.

  75. yusuf says:

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    i see the COntact in pashto is written Tamas..
    I think we use the word Arika for it.. isnt it?

    So please change the contact in ur main page from tamas to arika ( if i am right)


  81. K.R says:

    I am urdu speaking and i have lived abroad pretty much my whole life.
    I am about to be getting married soon, and they guy is Pathan. His family is from Kohat, Pakistan. He is Afridi.
    I dont speak Pashto at all. and neither do i understand anything in Pashto. However, i really do need to learn it. Please if someone can help me i would really appreciate it. I just want to learnn how to speak in Pashto and understand it. Thats it.
    Please get back to me.

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    So i want to learn the PUSHTO language; and need help and assistance please

    • farah says:

      and thnks 4 whom who taught pushto to us
      and plz i am fond of pushto language plz learn me..

      • *Ansaar says:

        i wil teach pashtu to u farah sistr. Beghama sha zma da garzeenda ghaaglegdh shmeemra da dah+923369294867 arreka ra sara pa di satha.

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    Salam Aleikum!

    I am very interested in learning different language’s. And since pashto is very cute language and not to much hard to learn, and my lovely boyfriend is pashto speaker. So then i wanted to learn pashto 4 him.

    I can ask him to learn me, and of course he will. He already learned me some words, but i want to suprise him one day, by talking to him. Then he will get shocked that i just talk pashto, from where i have learned?

    So if anyone is interested to help me, just by some words. Then send me a Mail on: Mirapedersen@live.no .. There i have a mail with some words i want you to translate for me to pashto.. Thanks!

  98. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

  99. saif saahil says:

    hey salam to all pashto seekers.. i am a pushto teacher in Eton institue of dubai which teaches 100 languages .. if any of you are interested kindly mail me at (mystyle11afg@hotmail.com) …. i can teach pastho frm arabic to pashto and frm urdu to pashto or from english to pashto or from dari to pastho….

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    Salamona My name is pukhtoon saba .i belong to Malakand tribe Usafzai .

  108. mimi says:

    is there anyone who can tell me how i say in pashto:

    Open the door = ???
    what’s up = ???
    Say hello 2 your friend = ???
    I Love you with all my heart = ???

  109. Jiya Khan says:

    m Jiya m 4rm punjab. m currently in saudi arabia.
    ma prob is dat i wanna learn pashto cuz itz a very interestin language.. n most of ma relatives speak pashto.. I NEED HELP BADLY!! so plz help me ma email is jiyakhan1996@yahoo.com

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    help me in this.

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    Pashto language isn’t that hard but it needs commitment, I am from a pathan family, lived most of my life in foreign countries, I am weak at the stage when it comes to reading and writing but I can speak well and can teach you the basics……:)

    plzz contact if interested:

    email/facebook: sshah_khan@hotmail.com

  116. shakerullah akhoundzada says:

    dera salmona da tol khalak,
    ramazaan kareem to all of you brothers and sisters, i have an english to pashto dictionary . anybody wants it, feel free to mail me at shakerjunaidkhan@gmail.com
    da khudai pa aman

  117. paty says:

    hello, could anyone traslate “ker kitta, ma az dooorogh kadni guftoom az barey paty, taki dost dokther e tu bawar kana, famidi”in english words please. it is very important for me,,, thanks!!!!

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    if some want to learn pashto plaz watch videos on youtube .it is sweat language.i also learned.it is more sweat than urdu ,english

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