Afghan Photos (new blog)

Click on the link to visit a new blog, Afghan Photos.


9 Responses to Afghan Photos (new blog)

  1. naseem says:

    pashtoon mean talleban ya thy are destroyer they speak like donky honffing these fucking taliban they distroy like animal every where thy don’t know anything from hummaniterain they r animals like donky,pig,monky,i hate these talibaan they r in iraq ,pakistan,afghanista,ejept ,and england

    • General Imam says:


    • zahoor says:

      i m zahoor, want to say to naseem.
      naseem u r a child and does not know anything about reality.u see headlines but dont see ground reality. pashtoonz are not taliban
      paki ISI are taliban. plz study reality about taliban and paki isi.
      pashtoons love u. u are a child and sweeto boy. ok my naeem brother. ta ta bye bye

  2. shaima says:


  3. zahoor says:

    salamoona tolo administration ta.
    i wana to say something on naseem comment.
    pashtoonz are not taliban pashtoonz are very social peaceful pple. naseem thoughts are nagative. pashtons are against of taliban and support aman.
    naseem is a child he does not 9 reality. i advice naseem to study pashtoonz history.

    now pashtoonz are awake ,advance and khow who is our enemy.
    pakistan ISI are taliban.pak ISI taliban are hidden in afghan and want to send afghan backward. ISI mission is NOT DEVELOP afghan pashtoonz.
    but pashtoons are awake and now they fighting against paki isi. pashtoons have won the afghan war against paki isi.

    Now pashtoons have own DEVELOPE AFGHANISTAN
    Pashtoons Zindabad.

  4. rabi says:

    if anybody knows pashto language
    then plz teach me

  5. Nawaz says:

    I,have learnt from the various Muslims scholars,Alim-e-Deen, that Afghanistan was the part of Iran,when Irani Shias Muslim changed the Holy Kalma Sharif(Ali-un-Waliullah)the Afghanis turn against the then Irani Ruler,declared Independent.It is further stated that this Pukhto language will be spoken by the fornikars/Inferno persons(rejected by the Allah). In Heaven Arabic Language will be spoken.Am I right?

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