Help to publish Pashto books

We are publishing a number of Pashto books for which we need the help from people who love the Pashto language and want to promote knowledge in Afghanistan. The books include:

  • Dictionaries and language books
  • Books for children
  • Poetry collections
  • Stories (novels, short stories)
  • Translations from other languages

Every kind of support and contribution is welcomed. Contact:

Thanks in advance.


5 Responses to Help to publish Pashto books

  1. nainawaz says:

    to whom it may concenrn,
    I am one of the Afghans living in Canada, I originally am from Kandahar, but left the city when I was ten years old I speak pashtu write pashtu but still I think my language is not strong enough I would like to learn and do more research eventually I might need some help in the future, recently i have realized that pashtu is one of the purest and less touched language than Dari farsi, I speak dari as well but I would like to further strengthen pashtu grammer and writings.
    you are doing a wonderfull job promoting the pashtu language I love my country and my people. and would like to serve them as much as i can


  2. Hey its really great to knew that. This will definitely work well.
    Thank you for such a nice information.

  3. Friends says:

    Great words and songs in Pashto.
    Is this the truth?

  4. gina says:

    ho dagha shi dhay qhaqeeqat. dzekha tshi pushto shi behrukh, tse ranga tshi dhay afghani halek.
    meaning is ” yes is truth because pashto is beautiful as the afghani boy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A book written in 1870 about pashto grammar and vocabulary is available at

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