Translating into Pashto: Some Common Mistakes

Some people think that Pashto is a very complicated and hard-to-learn language. The reason behind this perception is a lack of knowledge and inaccessibility to the resources of this ancient yet live and interesting language.

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13 Responses to Translating into Pashto: Some Common Mistakes

  1. Ubair Khan says:

    I’m really found of learning different languages particularly pashto.

  2. shina mustafa says:

    I wanna learn pashto languge

    • sheriyar khan says:

      i’m so interested in pashto language because i’m 2 be a khan and i have dont speak pashto language…..

  3. davisparker says:

    This is the nice language and i am also intrested to learn pashto languge with all.

  4. inzar gul says:

    i want get more information from pashto language

  5. I would like to know more about Pashtu and Pashtu Jirga,Nizamudin

  6. ahmed says:

    Pashtom is a Nice languege. unfortunately, we have neglected it.

  7. gina says:

    it is a very nice language..look is just few weeks from where i begin to learn pashto..but is easy and very very nice language so it must not be neglected. look im not a muslim..but i want to…
    but i really love pashto language!!!!!!!!

  8. ubaid khan says:

    i want learne speek pashto

  9. raheel khan says:

    i want learn phasto because phasto is very nice language

  10. I love pushto language. But mujhe pushto language nhi ati. Koi pushto hi sekha do.

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