Learning Pashto Online: Useful Information

Learning Pashto is as learning any language of the world: the learners have to have an interest in the language and its culture, willingness to learn and access to resources they need. As the Pashto language has never enjoyed patronage of any emperor or any powerful and independent state throughout history, but had been a target of the regional powers until late, and has managed to survive through continuous attempts against its existence, there are not as much learning resources available for it as for the other languages of the world. Yet enough books of grammar, about the usage of the language, and dictionaries from Pashto to other languages and vice versa have been written and printed and are available today that can help those who are keen to achieve their goals.

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73 Responses to Learning Pashto Online: Useful Information

  1. BrianK says:

    Hello! I’m newbie in Internet, can you give me some useful links? I know only about Yahoo Yahoo http://yahoo.com Yahoo

  2. mohammad ali samay says:

    I want to learn pashto becouse i am pasjton but i lived in the baghlan of afghanistan and there is not more pashton in this keas i became weak in pashto .

  3. marwa says:

    assalam alikom
    i’m moroccan girl.i’m interested to learn pashto language and cultur.Can u help me.

  4. Nashaira says:

    Assalam, If anyone has the lyrics of “Biya Ki Burem Bagh” and “Hama Qarsak ” by shabnam surraiyya. Please, mail it to me at nashaira.ali@gmail.com

  5. Sameera says:

    I Loveeee Pashto But I Dont Know How To Speak It ,, I Really Want To Learn It

  6. Hafiza Hafsa says:

    i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee pashto languge i want to lern pashto languge can u help me plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. alex says:

    how can i write Kabul in pushtu?
    can enybody help me?

  8. iftekhar ahmed says:

    assalam o alykum
    how can i learn pashtu,because it is a very difficult language to speak and write,

  9. Walter REYNDERS says:

    I am a guardian of pashto speaking children and I want to learn pashto or have a dictionary english-pashto or french-pashto or dutch-pashto.


  10. Aziz says:


    I speak Dari, English and Russian. I would very much like to learn Pashto. If you would like to learn any of the languages I know in exchange for teaching me pashto please email me at bahmyan@yahoo.com. Thanks.

  11. Hello !! i really thank every single person here seeking to learn pushto and this is the best place and also best time to learn one more sweet and meanful language and im sure there’s someone who cares about us, well im a pushton and i speak pushto pretty good compare to others but i still need to learn it grammatically and be able to read and write according to the grammer is really important.
    love you all !!! and thanks for the opportuanity .

  12. raja saqib shahzad says:

    just i want to speak pushto
    bcz i love to pushto
    and want to improve in pushto
    any one can help me about that………….pls

    Happy LIfe<(* On+923455704046

  13. pasho attan says:

    Well written article. I want to add one more thing, learning pashto would become a lot easier for you if you can manage to live in pashto speaking community.

  14. hashim khan says:

    can pashtooo be learnt by this process..(internet)….m pathaan and dnt know any thing about pashtooo and want learn this language…

  15. Samoon Salarzai says:

    د پښتو ځانګړي توري

    د پښتو د مخصوصو تورو د ډولونو ځای پيژندل اود هغو مراعات کول دي، اکثر ليکونکي د ځ او څ فرق نه کوي همدارنګه د ږ او ژ فرق ته ملتفت نه دي کله د( ز) او( ځ) پر بېلوالي نه قايليږي مګر دا فرقونه خورا ضروري دي که ونه شي معنا غلطيږي مثلا د پښتو د مخصوصو تورو يه ليکلو کې داسې اشتباهات پيښيږي:
    دا توري دوه تلفظه لري بلکي کله کله پر درو لهجو ويل کيږي (ږ) چې يو رقم د (ژ) ډبل اواز دي چې دا تر غزني پورته خوا لهجه ده، بل( ګي) چې د کابل کښته خوا لهجه ده او دريمه لهجه د(ګ) او( ږ) ترمنځ لهجه ده چې د لوګر شاوخواته ده. نو ليکونکي بايد پخپل ليک کې ددې توري ځای وپيژني او هغه د پارسي په ګ ونه ليکي که نه وي مانا يې تغير مومي بيلګه: لږيدل د کم شدن په مانا او لګيدل د چسپيدن يا د ګرفتن په مانا راځي بايد سره بيل وي،په تلفظ کې څه فرق نه کوي په هره چې وي مګر په ليکلو بايد يو شکل وي.
    همدارنګه ځينې زلمي ليکوال د ږ او ژ فرق نه کوي د ږيري پر ځای ژيره ليکي د کوږ په ځای کوژ ليکي چې دا هم يوه لويه غلطي ده.
    دا توري هم تقريبا دري تلفظه لري چې يو ښ بل خ اويل ددې دوو ترمنځ يوه لهجه ده.
    په دې توري کې هم اکثر ليکونکي اشتباه کوي څوک د ادم پر ځای چې عربي کليمه ده ښادام ليکي او څوک بيا ښندل په عوض د نثارکردن په مانا دی خندل چې د خنديدن په مانا دي ليکي. بيلګه: خندل او ښندل ښور او خور ، پوښ او پوخ پښه او پخه او داسي نور.
    څوک لا دا توري په شين ليکي او تلفظ کوي مګر دا هم علط دي بيلګه : خندل،ښندل ، شندل درې سره جلا جلا ماناوي لري.
    همدارنګه : ښور ، خور، شور ، بېل بېل دي . نو ځکه پر ليکونکي ددې توري د ځای پيژندل او پر خيل ځای استعالول لازم دي.

    چې تر ( ز) لږ شانته دروند ويل کيږي ددې تورې بايد له ( ز) څخه فرق وشي بعضي ليکونکي يې نه کوي . بيلګه : زما او ځما دواړه په ځ ليکي او دا يې خيال دي چې هر ځای (ز) وي هغه ( ځ ) ليکل کيږي ، مګر دا عقيده غلطه ده ، (ز) خپل ځای لري او (ځ) خپل ځای . بيلګه زه د من په مانا دي ځه امر دي يعني برو يا ځر او زور يا خوړ او زوړ يا نور…..
    دا توري هم اکثر خلک له (س )سره ګډوي او عقيده لري چې (س) او (څ) فرق نه لري نه لري ،مګر دا اشتباه کوي هم په تلفظ او په استعمال کې فرق لري بيلګه: څوک او سوک په يوه مانا نه دي همدارنګه څا او سا ، څر او سر او اوځار او اوسار يوه معنا نه لري
    ډ :
    دا توري هم چې د انګليسي D اواز لري اکثر ليکونکي د دال سره مشتبه کوي او ځيني چې پر هر ځای دال وويني( ډ) يې ليکي بيلګه : په ډيرو ځايو يا ورځپاڼو کې وينم چې څرګند څرګنډ ليکي او دا غلط دی . په پښتو کې( د) هم شته او( ډ) هم ، او خپل خپل ځايونو لري بيلګه : رډ او رد ، ډم او دم ، ډډ او دد ، ډډه او دده ډېر فرق لري .
    ددې توري ځای هم بايد د( ر) څخه جلا وپيژنده شي هم په تلفظ او هم په مانا کې فرق لري بيلګه : موړ او مور چاړه او چاره پړ او پر ، خوړ او خور يا نور داسي….
    ټ :
    دا توري هم د انګليسي T اواز لري له (ت) څخه هم معنآ او لفظآ جلا دي او دواړه په پښتو کې شته بيلګه : پټ او پت ، او پت ، سټ او ست ، کت او کټ ، ټول او تول يا نور داسي….

    د پښتو دا نون هم د مشترک او عمومي نون څخه فرق لري او په غنه ويل کيږي او داسي آواز لري لکه( ړ) او( ن) چې سره يوځي ادا شي ددې توري يو خصوصيت دا دې چې هيڅکله د کلمې يه سر کې نه راځي ، او د نون سره هم معنآ او لفظآ فرق لري بيلګه :
    باڼه او بانه ، کاڼه او کانه ، چڼه او چنه او نور…..

  16. Samoon Salarzai says:

    ‫اوونۍ (د ورځو نومونه) په پښتو ژبه
    ډيرو محترمو خويندو او ورونو تاسي کولاۍ شۍ له دې وروسته د غه نومونه په کار يوسۍ
    پيلنۍ ( Saturday)
    يونۍ (Sunday)
    دو نۍ ( Monday)
    …منځنۍ ( Tuesday)
    څلنۍ ( Wednesday)
    پنځنۍ ( Thursday )
    جمعه “ادينه ( Friday )
    پوره کلنډر هم دلته کتلای شۍ‬

  17. Hi,
    I am gulsanga from Pakistan. I like pashto langyage and want to speak and write pashto properly same as pakhtoons.


    guys pushto is not soo difficult if you found a good person which know pushto a 2 z (NOT FROM ANY WEBSITE).i am a truely pakistani pushtoon girl and born in peshawar where 98% people speak pushto and i am on of them, i want to spread our language beacause now there are not many pushto speakers,please let me help you in learning of pushto its easy,i will help you when you want.


    MY EMAIL ADRESS IS icefairy9@yahoo.com

  20. Narges says:

    Assalamu alaikum my brothers and sister..
    i can tell you that pashto isn’t that hard as you think it might be.. my dad is pukhtoon n my mom speaks dari, i speak both languages but i still want to improve my pashto because i speak 2 other languages as well except from dari and pashto coz i don’t live in afg but when i go to visit my home country, i want to speak proper pashto as I am a pukhtoon :D. so i want to go further in to pashto language, any1 there to help? if there is, jst write bk so i send ma email..

  21. bint e jamal says:

    i want to learn pushto.i am totally unaware of pashto.please any one can help me?

  22. laiba khan says:

    hay um pakhton, but due to sum reason i don,t know how to speak pashtoo plz help me even i can,t under stand pashtoo 😦

  23. shaker kamran says:

    i am pashtoon but i want to learn pashto profissnal level

  24. ali says:

    hello, is there any pashtoon to teach me little bit pashto coz i have no source to learn pashto. actualy im baloch nd i lov pashto i dnt know y bt…

  25. P90 says:

    I have just started to try and learn pashto but i am finding it difficult to find the resources that i need. Are you able to point me in the right direction?

  26. asif khan says:

    Yeah sure Laiba.i can teach u pashto.mail me

  27. Masood says:

    Dear sir ! i searched alot about Adjectives in pashto language i couldn’t find it ,i need help , please

  28. zeeshan says:

    i can hlp u if u Want

  29. asj says:

    is there anyone who can tell me how i say in pashto:

    Open the door = ???
    what’s up = ???
    Say hello 2 your friend = ???
    I Love you with all my heart = ???

    • wafa says:

      dar-wa-za ko-la-wa-ka

      sanga chal day

      mar-ga-ro ta-de sallam wa-ka

      zah- ta-sa-ra meena kom..de za’dra na

      i hope this helps…

  30. urooj says:

    salam plz tellmme k pashto zaban mian I LOVE U ko kesy bolty hain tellme im wait your answer ok bye

  31. Mimi says:

    Ta Sara meena larom (I Love You)

  32. shakerullah khan akhoundzada says:

    asalam alaikum all pakhtoon brothers and sisters,
    i am shakerullah khan akhoudzada,from hyderabad, india and i am very happy,proud and thankful to allah for being born a pashto. it is my childhood dream to learn and speak pashto as i grew up seeing my both grandfathers speak the language but they insisted that we learn urdu to excel in our life and mingle with other people,but as u know once a pukhto always a pukhto. the love for our language even got stronger as i mingled with other people because i looked different and people would ask me from where i am. some people joke about about pathans being fools and crazy. but even that made me look deeply towards my people and nation and their history as to what actually we are,and i found that we are one of the best creations of allahsubhanavtala.i feel it is allah’s way of keeping pukhtoons close to himself by giving them a hard terrain to live in and tyrant rulers who always tired to supress their own language and people for their own good and gave importance to persian.inshallah one day all pashtoons will be together without the borders in between them.
    this is a very great platform for the non-pashto speaking pashtoons to learn their langauge and their culture. thank you guys for a opening such a site. because of this i learned a lot about pashto culture and language on both sides of the borders.

  33. wafa says:

    sallam brothers and sister

    i am from afghanistan i speak pashto at home every day with my family …i live in UK…but i want to learn more and more i never ever want to forget pashto..can anyone help me please.

  34. khankhalil786 says:

    asalaam.. im pathan and i wana improve my pushto…. whoever has msn please please add me on khalil_x@hotmail.co.uk
    i have read all the comments but the only problem is most of the help is coming from guys.;.. i am a girl so to be honest i would prefer if could get help from a girl/woman…it is better this way i think….. thankssssssss

  35. shakerullah akhoundzada says:

    salam alaikum brothers and sisters,
    I have been seeing comments regarding people wanting to learn pashto, if it is really the case then they should write their e-mail ids so that if someone knows any link or website they can forward it to them.
    da khudai pa aman
    shakerullah akhounzada

  36. khan says:

    i am a regular pashto teacher to foreigner and has all resources for those who want to learn pashto. contact please,

  37. aeeman says:

    can anybody help me with Pashto language?
    I can speak Arabic and English perfect and I’m trying to speak Pashto,I’m really interested to learn it .
    please if you help me Email me at alhazeen8@yahoo.com

  38. Ahasan habib gulab says:

    I want to learn pashto.
    What can i do? Anybody help me…..

  39. Nazish Pirzada says:

    Hey every 1
    I only speak english, urdu n saraiki n i’m dying to learn pashto plz send me any website or link which can help..
    Thnx in advance
    my email id is nazish.pirzada@gmail.com

  40. Shah-zad Pirzada…

    […]Learning Pashto Online: Useful Information « Learn Pashto Language[…]…

  41. Learn English It is Your Language…

    […]Learning Pashto Online: Useful Information « Learn Pashto Language[…]…

  42. Fatima Asiya says:

    My hubby’s fam speaks Pushto n I only know Urdu and a few small Pushto words. Gonna have a fam gathering soon and would like to have some small fluency in communicating with them. Anyone have a good site to learn on or can teach me please? =\

    email if so -> sunflowersarai@yahoo.com

  43. masood says:

    i want to speak pushto but what can do so

  44. Aarif says:

    Plzzzz sum1 teach me how to speak pashto. I like soo much pashto.

  45. Najib says:

    I am here to share with you a very good book recently authored by an Afghan on one of the official languages of Afghanistan, Dari. the book teaches Dari step by step, starting from Alphabet all the way to the advanced level. you can get the book on Amazon at this link. the book is called: Dari AS a Second language.

  46. Haroon says:

    salam iam pashton from Afghanistan Zabol and i can help you guys be talking if you want on skype and my facebook Id is aron zabuli thanx

  47. momin khan says:

    I dont know some words in pakhto.
    Who tell me what means’sparley’or ‘mandalay’.please trnslate in hindi.

  48. simply loved your article brother , and yeah it’s good to follow website such as your and Pashtoon Culture learning Pashto language and many more

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