Pashto lessons (Pashto learning)

Hello everyone!

Here is a series of new Pashto lessons:


28 Responses to Pashto lessons (Pashto learning)

  1. greg says:

    I want to learn but where do I start? Your lede says learn pashto language, however, looking at the paragraph alone one can mistakenly construe that this is a site to start learning pashto. But there is no area of your site to learn it. Help!

  2. megan says:

    hello ,

    any one who is interested to make 210K a year by translating Pashto to English . if you refer anyone you will make 6,000.00 please contact me at 703-772-2960

  3. shakerullah akhoundzada says:

    ramazaan kareem umbaraka sha da tol pukhtoonkhawa au afghania.
    salam alaikum

  4. kashi says:

    how do i say i am very sorry i pashto i shouldnt hav sed this …

  5. paty says:

    hello, could anyone traslate “ker kitta, ma az dooorogh kadni guftoom az barey paty, taki dost dokther e tu bawar kana, famidi”in english words please. it is very important for me,,, thanks!!!!

  6. any 1 can tell me which is the best site to learn pashto language i want to learn this language i love this language its so sweet

  7. sarriahkhan says:

    i want to learn pashto……………………………………bcoz i love it

  8. asad khan says:

    i also want to learn pashto how is it possible?

  9. saifullah says:

    دا یو ډیر ښه ګام دی د پښتو د زدکړ لپاره خدای دی وکړي چي همیش دا رنګه کایمه وي

  10. md.salim says:

  11. film gratuit,films gratuits,film streaming, series, film online…

    […]Pashto lessons (Pashto learning) « Learn Pashto Language[…]…

  12. Mehar Faiqa says:

    i want to learn pashto

  13. i want to learn pashto….

  14. Kiran says:

    I lve pasto lang… plx plx if anybody cn teach me… im a fsc studnt.. jst 17y old.. basically im punjabi.. but i want to learn n speak pashto frequently… plx if anybody intrsted.. i shall b vry thankful to u.. or let me knw any site 4rm where i can learn it..

  15. Samia sajjad says:

    I want to learn pashto

  16. malik says:

    i want to learn pashto any body help me

  17. Fajar Gee says:

    i am fond of speaking in pashto..

  18. Hira says:

    Ao kana rora pls tell me what does it mean

  19. sheraz chishti says:

    can u learn me pashtoo please ???

  20. sheraz chishti says:

    my skype i.d name is ?
    plz add me

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