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Thank you for visiting this blog.  

The blog is created to provide every kind of information about learning Pashto.

Your suggestions and comments are welcomed.

If there is any problem to understand any post, please write at the comments area, I will explain it.


201 Responses to Welcome / پخير

  1. Kamran baloch says:

    It is best lang but i dont know but i wana learn

  2. Nitin says:

    This is Nitin. I am Indian. One day heard a pashto song on youtube. I did not understand a single word of pashto but i could not stop myself from listening the song. The voice and music touched my heart and I want to know the meaning of the song. Below is the link of the song. Please if possible explain the meaning of the song and tell me where can i learn this beautiful language.

  3. Sayed Tamim says:

    Nice blog by Mr. Hadi Hairan. All the material put here is nice but not enough.One thing else that i want to tell you is that you have written pashto sentences and translated it which is not enought.There should be its pronunciation written in English as well and this will help non pashto speakers to understand and learn pashto.Thanks

  4. i want to learn poshto.so pls tell me some help full web sites

  5. Ajmal says:


    All you need to learn Pashto Alphbets first, and then simple words
    I will recommend you
    to visit http://www.benawa.com
    great site for pashto lovers

  6. saeida says:

    i want to learn pashto language,can you help me,please?(ofcours at this blog)tashakkor.

  7. Thanks for making effort to develop pashto language because the nation who have their own language can develope theirselves and their nation.

  8. marktaylor says:

    salam alaikom i want to learn pashto too, please help me by replying back to me as soon as possible. thanks, allah hafiz

  9. Stoyan says:

    I’d like to learn Pashto on line, could you tel me whether I can find proper link (information).
    Thank you!

  10. rashid says:

    if anyone want to learn pashto, contact with me plz.

  11. Asad says:

    چا ته چه د پښتو ليکل ورځي هغۍ خو پښتو ليکۍ کنه

    • fazal haq says:

      iam fazal haq and i m pakhtoon my city is batkhila malakand agenci

      i m a student and athur writing in pashto
      mong da dery mody na pa narthren aria yani gil git baltistan ki ho sigo ma da diar wkht na pokhto na da likaly no da dy wabsit na ma diar sa izdaa karal

  12. amber says:

    salaam! m from pakistan and i speak urdu i want to learn pashtoo coz i really love it, i cant understand a single word i want to speak like pashtuns. pls reply a.h

  13. fardeen khan says:

    hi Amber assalam alaykum
    it’s good to heard that you want to speak flunt pushto and you like it too.

  14. naseer says:

    mano yar der kha zabar dast

  15. Omed says:

    Hi every one,

    i saw this site today, it was great that people who helping others to to learn Pashto,i’m very happy to help as much as i can as will on here.
    i can help every one with: Pashto,Dari,Urdu and Russian, just always give me a shout any time, i would be happy to help as much as i can.
    samirandyou@hotmail.co.uk and i live north west London

    best of luck to every one.


  16. marwa says:

    pls i’m too intrested to learn pashto.i know arabic french and english.i read about pathan culture and i like it too much.please help me to learn pashto(language) i can not understand any pashto word.
    thanks for help

  17. M.Naveed says:

    Hello !
    Amber i want to learn Pashto please contact with me on these ids, (facebook id,vickyali ali)(Vicky.ali@hotmail.com)0322-4664650,its argent,

  18. Nazanin says:

    I can speak pashto fluently in kandahari accent but i realy want to learn Farsi/Dari can anybody send me a link or help me.

  19. aim says:

    can you please write thank you in pushto… i want to get it in writing

  20. Javid says:

    Hi my name is javid am living in norway am a pashtun who wanna learn pashto can contact me thanks.

  21. Javid says:

    N this is my e-mail {sharifyjavid@yahoo.it]

  22. aslam khan says:

    i am Aslam khan from belaruss minsk, i can say that i love poshto, it is my native language,

  23. عبدالولی says:

    if anyone have problems in pashtu reading or writing or want to learn pashtu so feel free to contact me on by my email address: abdulwaliahmadzai@yahoo.com

  24. alijanjan91@yahoo.com says:

    der kha chay sata pashan zawan da khapaly jabay
    rehnomay kee .
    poshto sara muhbat kool zama zargay dee.

  25. sadam hamdrd says:

    paz cantact me

  26. lewanayxxx says:

    Hi im a pashtun who speaks pashto but is very weak in it. i want to learn 2 speak it properly and i need some good help ! so anyone ?

  27. Cheena says:

    im happy that there is a blog like this.
    I’ve love to know more about pashto language. I’m a filipina and i have one friend from Peshawar.Sometime can’t understand his language..pls help me where can i start?

  28. Hi,
    I am gulsanga from Pakistan. I like pashto language and want to speak properly same as pakhtoons,if any body can help me plz mail me on this address gulsangaibrar@yahoo.com

  29. Noor ul Basar Aman says:

    me ph.D student of pashto u any thing ask about pashto Language

    • Annalie says:

      Global Dimensions is looking for PASHTO language personnel to join a new growing company with an exciting future and be part of a skilled team of professionals. If you can meet the below qualifications please respond.

      Job description: Support to ongoing peacekeeping and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan through translation, interpretation, transcription and Cultural Advisement.

      Minimum Qualifications:
      – U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder
      – Speak Pashto
      – Great attitude and willingness to travel to Afghanistan

      Salary and benefits:
      – Current salary for a qualified linguist is from $184,500 to $235,500 (all inclusive) based on overall qualification
      – Benefits include Medical, Dental, Life, 401K, Vision, Short and Long Term Disability and 4 weeks paid vacation
      – If you are also overseas for more than 330 days, a large portion of your salary is also TAX FREE!!

      email me if interested in this job opportunity. aa37552@yahoo.com

  30. Shabina says:

    Salaam i’m shabina from uk I love pashto language I want to buy books cd’s any thing to help me learn as this is very special to me plz help me any one ur help is very much obliged thank you plz get back as soon as possible salaam

  31. Our school located in Costa mesa, CA needs a Pashto teacher. Please send your resume to
    our email address info@portallanguages.com
    Thank you!

  32. nusrat says:

    hi im fom india bombay i want to learn pashto its very nice to hear n talk so plz help me to learn fluent pashto

  33. F A H A D says:

    I Want to learn pashto

  34. F A H A D says:

    I Want to learn pashtoo our Email address fadi2091@yahoo.com

  35. pashy says:


  36. shah says:

    i like pushto language…….

  37. ayobi says:

    i can speak Pashto
    some will have clothes and speaks Pashto, where I can hjepe

  38. mussa says:

    i want 2 learn pashto bcoz i love pashto language.plz help me.

  39. Paul says:

    I just stumbled across this website. Very nice. Do you know of any websites that have Pashto and English on the same page (i.e., articles in PAshto and the translation in English alongside it)?

    Also, is there a section on this website where people can submit words or phrases to ask about their meaning?

    I’m currently reading a Pashto jokebook, and I must say, humor doesn’t translate well. I only understood 2 of the 8 jokes I read

  40. palwasha says:

    how to translate pashtu written in roman English its difficult to translate it.

  41. samim says:

    دلومړي ځل لپاره د نړیوال اینترنتي جال پرمټ د افغانستان لپاره په پښتو ،دري او انګلیسي ژبو د همصنفی داټ کام ویب پاڼې تر څنګ د تجارت او راکړې ورکړې اعلانونو ویب سایټ پر لیکه شو.دغه ویبسایټ چې په جوړښت کې یې د دنیا د ورځیني او پرمختللي تخنیک نه کار اخیستل شوی دی،علاقه مندان کولای شي چې د خپلې راکړې ورکړې اعلانونه په دېره اسانۍ او چټکۍ سره پخپله خپاره کړي

  42. samim says:

    د نورو سره خپل ښه اندونه شریک کړئ
    د هم صنفی دات کام د غړوسره ژوندۍ اړیکه ټينګه ګړئ
    د هم صنفی داټ کام ښاغلو غړیو او مېلمنو! له تاسو نه په ډېر درنښت هیله کیږي چې، په دغه پرلیکه بنډار کې سر بېره پر بنډار ، د ورځې د تودو او په زړه پورې پېښو او خبرونو لنډ سرلیکونه د نورو سره شریک کړئ.
    * هغه څوک چې په انلاین بنډار کې بې تړاوه تبلیغات کوي، سملاسي به په ګرد اینترنت کې په تور لیست کې شامل کړای شي .

  43. waqas ahmed sheikh says:

    hi to all

    i love pasto plz help me my email adress

  44. yousaf says:

    Dear sir/ madam

    we yousaf language online school can teach you urdu, pustho and english languages if you intrested contact us on the following email. also pls visit our website.


  45. Ibrahim khan says:

    Zama Nam Ibrahim khan day i dont know much about pashtu but I’m dam serious to learn it

    And Specially Thanks to AMB He Is Helping In Teaching Pashtu Language and even with the Basic grammmer and concepts Mr. AMB sir If you let us know through the Roman Urdu Then It Will be More Easy for us to learn once again thanks alot A M B and kept going on it

  46. Ibrahim khan says:

    Administrator of this Website Please Isn’t There is a way to Signup the Account here on this Website Please if it is then please let me know on the page i will be very thankful to you
    Regarding Ibrahim khan

  47. Ibrahim khan says:

    I My Self Ibrahim Khan ( Tougay ) My Cast In Khan But Most Probably i often to see Afridi,Sulemankhel,Achakzai,Yousufzai,Shehbazkhel,Noorzai,Kakar,And many many more cast but i dont find my cast khan Some of my friends told me in Peshawar and in Quetta there is road name Tougay if there is any tougay then please contact me I want to learn n know about the history of my cast and even want to write the history because the history makes the victory
    My Email Address : sophisticated.khan@yahoo.com and even at gmail but its better to contact me on yahoo

  48. Aman khan says:

    Salam i can speak Pashto Dari Farse English Russia hinde and urdu if anyone need help so plaese contact with me and feel free iam liveing in holland Amsterdam
    thats My ID khan.2443@yahoo.com

  49. Faiz says:

    mujay pashto zaban achi lagti hai, mai pashto seekhna chahta hoo, please please help me….

  50. TANVEER KHAN says:

    i m pashto master if any problem then tell me in post and i will teach pashto, farsi,irani,dari,uzbeki,tajik,russi,russian langauges,chitrali,hindi,saraikee,urdu,hindko,
    and also c and c++ langauge, java sql and more languages,,,,,,,,visual basics,,,,,,,,,

    i am happy to see this kind of blog to provide help to new generation and give information about pushto poetry.
    Rehman Baba is my best poet.He did a great job for pushto language.He is a real and natural poet.

  52. samina says:

    HIi i M Samina Pathan i want to learn pushto plz help me out for this in my family every one spoke this n im leaving far from my family so i m not able to speak……………

  53. جام د زهرو مې په ټول وجود کې مات دى

    له پخوا نه مې اوس درد په زړه کې زيات دى

    رڼاګانې مې پـــــــــــه سترګو کې شليدلي

    نن مې خداى ســــــره د اوښکو ملاقات دى

  54. hello dear all
    hope to be fine and doing well
    thanks for providing such a nice web blogs
    and i have my on visit it.

  55. Muhammad Hanif says:

    Yes, I want to learn pashto language. Hanif

  56. Omran Sahel says:

    I join first time and hope found it well,

  57. mubeen siddique says:

    hi my nameis mubeen i want to learn pashto b coz i like this sweet language m love it pls help me in pashto learning im from dubai.

  58. pashto is a such a sweet language i want to learn it.

  59. i leave a sms above about learn pashto but no reply yet pls help me in pashto learning i can not undestand a sigle word of pashto.pls pls pls help me.

  60. QASIM JAVAID says:

    i m call centre adivser in travel agency and wana learn pashto to deal with pashto speakings

    qasim javaid

  61. Mubashar says:

    Asalaam o Alaikum. I love pashto language and want to learn it. Please tell me the easiest way to learn this beautiful language.
    Can i learn it.

    MUbashar Kh.

  62. mahakafridi says:

    Please ppppppppppppp I wont to learn pashtu .

  63. Shona says:

    i want to seek pushto anyone can help me?/

  64. Awais Khan says:

    Salam anybody help..i want to learn pashtu language plzzzzzz my email adress is awaisiii54@yahoo.com

  65. areesh ali says:

    hi am paki n want to learn pushto i love all paki languages so plz help me

  66. ed says:

    I would like a tutor to help me learn Pashto, I live in New Zealand and would be happy to skype but would need to work out a regular timeslot that is convenient for both of us.

  67. Mehar Faiqa says:

    i want to learn pashto

  68. salam
    i want to learn pashto
    plz help me

  69. د ښتو او انگليسي ، پښتو او فرانسوي ژبو سره مينه لري نو تاسو كولي شي د دغه پاڼه سره همكار پاته شي،
    دا پاڼه هرچاته دنظر دڅرګندولو حق او هرهغه څه چي د پښتو ژبي پرمختګ او د ودي سبب ګرځي د همكاريو بلنه وركوي

  70. http://www.gmdawari.wordpress.com
    د ښتو او انگليسي ، پښتو او فرانسوي ژبو سره مينه لري نو تاسو كولي شي د دغه پاڼه سره همكار پاته شي،
    دا پاڼه هرچاته دنظر دڅرګندولو حق او هرهغه څه چي د پښتو ژبي پرمختګ او د ودي سبب ګرځي د همكاريو بلنه وركوي

  71. Sartaj Khan says:


    سنگہ ی یو سمہ د زور خبرے.
    د رقیب لگی پہ ما اور خبرے .
    لہ سڑی توبہ پرے بہار شی سڑی.
    سپکے چھ اکڑی سوک د رور خبرے.
    لکہ د شاتو پہ ما لگی خواگے .
    کلہ چھ اوراما د مور خبرے.
    رزہ چھ خپلو کے جرگہ شو سرہ.
    پہ کور دننا شی د کور خبرے.
    زہ د نا کا مہ پکے شپے تیرہ ووم .
    ہیرانہ گرانے دی د گور خبرے .

    سرتاج حیران ما شو گاگر
    رابطہ نمبر . ٠٣١٤٩٠٠٠٧١٧

  72. rahimulah says:

    I want to you help me

  73. rahimulah says:

    English languege

  74. zulfikar khan says:

    My name is Zulfikar Khan, I live in the US – I want to improve my pashto, I’ll be happy to teach english. Please contact me at zolfikarkhan@hotmail.com

  75. ayesha says:

    mujhy b pashto sekhni hai…

  76. Hikmat says:

    wow so nice I really proud on this having such facility to learn pashto but this is kindly request from you Miss. Noora and Pashtana to send me pashto CV Format.

    it will be your kindness and pleasure.
    thank you so much.

  77. Aaron Squadrilli says:

    Looking for someone to teach me conversational Pashto language. Especially someone located in upstate New York. I live in Ithaca but willing to travel. Even if you live far away, please get in touch. Manana

  78. Afzal says:

    I want to learn this language help me out.

  79. haniya says:

    plzzzzzzz help me out i wanna learn pashtooo

  80. Adnan says:

    I like pashto language

  81. Sarah Ann says:

    What does ma Jaan cuz some paki keeps saying this to me ??

  82. Skype Scool says:

    We can help teach pushto. Contact us on Skype at our id :skypeschool.co.uk

  83. Hasnain says:

    Salam, first of all thank you very much for sharing about pashto.

    Pashto is my mother tongue but i can only speak it and i cannot read and write pashto because i live away from pakistan.

    I am interested in pashto and want to learn it please help me.


    Thank you very much.

  84. Noor says:

    Anyone who lives in NEWYORK!!! WANTS TO LEARN PASHTOO

  85. Saba saleem says:

    I want to learn pashto plz help me

  86. shbaz says:

    gdbh gyd gycf rnhuvdr huc

  87. Ramizkhan says:

    I am from Indian. I am curious to learn pashto language. I knew English Hindi Urdu .
    Can you provide materials to learn pashto.

  88. Owais Sadiq says:

    Aslamo ele kum All frnds i also like speak and learn pashto its my request if any body now any website about pashto book where to i download pashto translate in urdo together plz tell me

  89. Beth says:

    If you want to be able to teach Pashto why are people just typing comments because the website is obviously not getting you anywhere so go to a different website. I would love to learn some PASHTO.

  90. Maryam says:

    Hi I’m interested in learning Pashto and Dari language pls if anybody can help me I will b very grateful thanx alot email on mar.khan91@yahoo.com

  91. sania gul says:

    can u teach me some pashto please

  92. sohail sheraz says:

    I want to learn pashto

  93. Hi , I am a Pathan by caste but none of my parents spoke pashto at home, I understand some of it though but i want to get perfect at it, i cant speak pashto at all, i want to learn pashto bcause this is who I am and because i love being a Pathan, i wanna teach it to my kid too, can anyone please help? my id is dania.khan28@yahoo.com

  94. Pashto Teacher says:

    Kha raghlast!

    I am a freelance Pashto linguist from Canada; if you are interested in learning the Pashto language via Skype, please email me. I provide online Pashto lessons through Skype (ID: pashto.teacher) for a fee. Thank you!

  95. mohammad younas says:

    i want to learn pashto just from bigning,tell me abt good books to learn pashto ,available in RAWAL PINDI. aaay67@hotmail.co.uk

  96. waheed azam says:

    koi mujy pashto sikaaye ga plz 03431598085

  97. ruxandra says:

    salam Noor, are u still in Dubai? i am looking for a female teacher of pashto language in Dubai ( i am offcourse a woman myself ) and as you post us dated 2011, i wanted to ask if you are still in dubai, as i am interested in learning pashto language. thank u, looking forward to your reply

  98. khanalizae5 says:

    Hello I was just wondering, how do you say, ” I get it” in Pashto?

  99. Najeeb ullah says:

    noor i want learn pashto online is that possible

  100. leeb says:

    I can help you speak n understand pashto.
    contact my email id leeeb79@yahoo.com

  101. Afraz Ahmad Khan says:

    اسلام علیکم – میرا نام افراز ہے . میں ایک کشمیری ہوں .. مجھے پشتو زبان بہت پسند ہے .. کیا آپ مجھے پشتو سکھا سکتے ہیں .. اونلائین..

  102. Amina Arifkhan Pathan says:

    Salaam noor…i desperately want to learn pashto….whats your method…please help me learn it

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