Translating into Pashto: Some Common Mistakes

July 24, 2009

Some people think that Pashto is a very complicated and hard-to-learn language. The reason behind this perception is a lack of knowledge and inaccessibility to the resources of this ancient yet live and interesting language.

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Illustrated learning Pashto books for non-Pashto speakers and foreigners

May 15, 2009

 The Pashto Academy of Peshawar University of Peshawar has published a Bilingual Primer, an illustrated book aimed for non-Pashto speakers and foreigners to learn Pashto from.

 The beautiful book contains a lot of activity based information for learning the Pashto language. It has made the job easy and quicker.

 Another book is Pashto Teacher, written by Prof. Gul Jan Wror in 1990, which is now unavailable in the market but we have made some copies.

 The third is a booklet which contains links and information of all Pashto websites and online forums.

 The set of these three books is available for those who want to learn English. To order the set, just contact

English-Pashto Primer

English-Pashto Primer


May 13, 2009

Pronounced as jens, the word has several meanings.

 1) One popular meaning is ‘sex.’

 Example: جنسي کيسې (sex stories)

 2) It is also used for gender.

 Example:  د ښځې او نر جنس (male female gender)

 3) The third meaning is ‘edible.’ Its plural is: ajnaas.

 Example: د غنمو جنس (edible wheat)

 4) ‘Alike’ is another meaning.

 Example: هر همجنس د خپل همجنس سره جوړېږي (رحمان بابا) (Everyone likes to be with their alike)

 The word is originally from Arabic. An entry for this on Wikitionary can be found here.

Articles and Photos of Afghanistan, Pakistan

July 4, 2008

Some articles, photos and videos, written and taken by the writer of this blog, can be found here. The articles, photos, and videos are related to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Pashto and the people of Pashtunkhwa. Click here.

Learn Pashto Writing and Speaking

March 4, 2008

As a language learner need so much and different resources to learn fleunt writing and speaking, unfortunately, there is a lack of these much resources on the internet to learn Pashto. Some websites and softwares are available as I have written about in my previous posts, yet a learner, beginner and advance level, needs real practice.

I have started to teach Pashto through regular lessons by email, chat on skype and  phone conversations for low fees. For those who want to improve their reading and writing skill want to practice their speaking skills can contact anytime.

Also contact for translating books, phmaplets, documents, ads, etc from English into Pashto and Urdu and vice versa. And other information on Pashto, Pashtoons, Pashto books and Pashto literature.

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Peace Jirga opens in Kabul

August 9, 2007

امن جرګه په کابل کې پېل شوې ده aman jarga pa kabul ke pail shawey da
Peace Jirga opened in Kabul

مېلمانه څوک دي؟ melmana tsok dee?
Who are the guests?

کله به سره وينو؟ kala ba sara weeno?
When will we meet?

وخت ماسپښين دى wakht maspakhin dai
It is afternoon.

راځه چې کابل ته لاړ شو raza che Kabul ta larr sho
Let’s go to Kabul.

کابل کې نن سبا ډېر ښه موسم دى Kabul ke nan saba der kha mosam dai.
The weather is very good in Kabul nowadays.

مونږ څو ورځې وروسته کابل ته روان يو mong tso wrazey wroosta Kabul ta rawan yoo
We are going to Kabul after a few days.

ته کله کابل ته تللى يې؟ ta kala Kabul ta tlalai ye?
Have you ever visited Kabul?

امن زمونږ ارزو او جرګې مو دود دى aman zamong arzoo aw jargey mo dod dai
Peace is our desire and jirga is our custom.

ښه پښتو وېبپاڼه کومه يوه ده؟ kha pakhto webpana koma yawa da?
Which is the good Pashto website?

Love in Pashto

July 26, 2007

Everyday I check Blog Stats of LEARN PASHTO, I find searches like these:

Love words in Pashto
Love phrases in Pashto
Love conversation in Pashto
How to say ‘I love you’ in Pashto

So I thought to write something about this word.

As I have said in a previous post that every language had some good-hearing and attractive words, مينه (love) is the most used and favorite word of Pashto.

Some of the uses and expressions are as following:

زه د خپل مور او پلار سره ډېره مينه لرم
I love my parents

نن سبا رښتينې مينه موندل گران دي
It is difficult to find true love nowadays

مينه د نړۍ تر ټولو ستره ډالۍ ده
Love is world’s biggest gift

په انگليسي کې څنګه وايي چې ” تا سره مينه کوم”؟
How to say ‘I love you’ in English?

افغانان مينه ناک خلک دي
Afghans are loving people

And following are a few Pashto tappas mentioning love:

مينه په تلو راتلو زياتېږي
کله راځه کله به زه درځمه ميينه

مينې دې داسې لېونى کړم
چې لېوني راڅخه غواړي امانونه

مينه له اوره کمه نه ده
چې په لمبو شي عالمونه سوځوينه