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March 4, 2008

As a language learner need so much and different resources to learn fleunt writing and speaking, unfortunately, there is a lack of these much resources on the internet to learn Pashto. Some websites and softwares are available as I have written about in my previous posts, yet a learner, beginner and advance level, needs real practice.

I have started to teach Pashto through regular lessons by email, chat on skype and  phone conversations for low fees. For those who want to improve their reading and writing skill want to practice their speaking skills can contact anytime.

Also contact for translating books, phmaplets, documents, ads, etc from English into Pashto and Urdu and vice versa. And other information on Pashto, Pashtoons, Pashto books and Pashto literature.

For more details please contact on ahhairan@gmail.com

پوښتنه Question

August 14, 2007

When you inquire, ask about something, you put it as a question to get some information. In Pashto, we say پوښتنه کول. But questioning someone means پلټنه کول.

دا پوښتنه ځواب غواړي
This question needs answer.

ملزم تر پلټنو لاندې دى
Culprit is under questioning.

د ملالۍ نه پوښتنه وکړه چې ګل خان کله راځي
Ask Malalai when Gul Khan is coming.

Something questionable means پوښتنې راولاړول

Related words د ورته مانا توري

زما لومړنى سوال ورک دى
My first question is missing.

تپوس وکړه چې د کتاب څومره بيه ده
Ask about the price of the book.

These words also have some different meanings. Like سوال کول also means to beg and تپوس کول means to enquire after.

مينه meena : Love, affection

July 20, 2007

The word meena simply means love. Like in other languages, it is the most used and favorite word of the poets and literature.

د نړۍ بقا په مينه ده
This world can survives only by love

د مور او پلار مينه جنت دى
Parents’ love is a paradise

ستاسې له مينې څخه ډېره مننه
Thank you for your love

د مينې پېغام خور کړئ
Spread the message of love
مترادف توري / synonyms

محبت / عشق

Related words / د ورته مانا توري

ميين mayan : lover
مينه کول meena kawal : to love
مينتوب mayantob : the state of love
مينه وال meenawal : follower, admirer

آزادي، ازادي Azaadi : Freedom, Liberation

July 17, 2007

Azaadi means freedom, liberation. It is written ازادي but some people write it آزادي too. Both are correct.
د بيان ازادي د هر انسان حق دى
Freedom of speech is a right of every human being.

Related words:

ازاد : Free. ازاد بازار  means Free market.

ازادانه : Free and fair.
ازادانه انتخابات د وخت مهمه اړتيا ده
Free and fair election is very necessary.

مترادف توري / Synonyms
خپلواکي، استقلال

Note: There is another related word ازادۍ, with ۍ not ى, pronunciated azadey, which is often used to convey freedom of something or some one. Like:
د ازادۍ راديو Radio Liberty, and د ازادۍ ننگيالي Heroes of Freedom.

ادب (Adab): Literature, Respect

July 15, 2007

The word ADAB, written ادب in Pashto, have tow different meanings. We use it for LITERATURE in the broad sense. Like:

زه ادب لولم
I study literature.

And we use it for RESPECT in a particular sense. Like:

د مشرانو ادب کول پکار دي
We should respect the elders.

Related words:

اديب Adeeb : Literary man
هغه يو منل شوى اديب دى
He is a known literary man.

ادبي Adabi : Literary
دا يو ادبي کتاب دى
It is a literary book.

بې ادبه Be adaba : Rude, without respect
گل خان بې ادبه ماشوم نه دى
Gul Khan is not a rude child.


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