Learn Pashto Writing and Speaking

March 4, 2008

As a language learner need so much and different resources to learn fleunt writing and speaking, unfortunately, there is a lack of these much resources on the internet to learn Pashto. Some websites and softwares are available as I have written about in my previous posts, yet a learner, beginner and advance level, needs real practice.

I have started to teach Pashto through regular lessons by email, chat on skype and  phone conversations for low fees. For those who want to improve their reading and writing skill want to practice their speaking skills can contact anytime.

Also contact for translating books, phmaplets, documents, ads, etc from English into Pashto and Urdu and vice versa. And other information on Pashto, Pashtoons, Pashto books and Pashto literature.

For more details please contact on ahhairan@gmail.com


Pashto proverbs پښتو متلونه

August 3, 2007

علم د ښه سړي نه ډېر ښه او د بد سړي نه ډېر بد جوړوي
Learning makes a good man better, and an ill man worse.

خپل کار سره کار لره
Let each one turn his mind to his own troubles.

داسې متل نشته چې رښتيا نه وي
There is no proverb which is not true.

وخت د هر غم دوا دى
Time softens all grieves.

تللى وخت بېرته په لاس نه راځي
Time flies never to be recovered.

عزت کوه عزت به دې کېږي
He that respects is respected.

شتمنه ښځه به درنه غلام جوړوي
He that marries for wealth sells his liberty.

دلته دم او قدم دواړه په حساب دي
Every wrong is avenged on earth.

کار په کولو کېږي
You cannot do anything by doing nothing.

د طاقت نه مهارت ښه دى
Skill is stronger than strength. 

Pashto Verbs and Proverbs

July 20, 2007

د بد کار انجام بد وي
Da bad kaar anjam bad wi
A bad beginning makes a bad ending.
A bad way has a bad end.

ځواني لېونۍ وي
Zwani lewany wi
Youth will have its swing.

ستا خو پنځه واړه ګوتې په غوړو کې دي
Sta kho pinza wara gotey pa ghwaro ke di
Your bread is buttered on both sides.

درواغجن او لافجن ورونه دي
Darwaghjan aw lapjan wroona di
A boaster and a liar are cousins.

رشوت هر ځاى کې لاره وباسي
Rishwat har zaye ke lara wobasi
A bribe will enter without knocking.

ښه ښځه جنت دى
Kha khaza jannat dai
A cheerful wife is the joy of life.

ښه دى چې د خره ښکر نشته
Kha dai che da khra khkar nashta
A crust cow hatch short horns.

چې څنګه پلار هماغسې ځوى
Che tsanga plaar hamaghasey zoyee
He is his father’s son.

دوست هغه چې پکار راشي
Dost hagha che pakar rashi
He is my friend that grinds at my mill.

چې څومره خولې هومره خبرې
Che tsoomra kholey hoomra khabarey
Many men, many words.