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د پښتو زده کړې بلاګ ته ستړي مشئ!

ايا غواړئ چې د ژباړې په برخه کې زموږ خدمتونه ترلاسه کړئ؟

د پښتو، انګليسي، اردو، او دري ژبو ترمنځ يو بل ته د ترجمو (ژباړو) خدمتونه، په دې ژبو کې ليکنې، او نورې چارې په لږ وخت کې په ښه معيار برابرېږي.

په پورته برېښليک هر وخت اړيکې نيولى شئ.


274 Responses to Translation and localization services

  1. Amrita Mangus says:

    Hello! I am currently working on a play with a friend and need assistance in translating these english phrases to pashto:

    How is your health?
    Is your family well?
    Long life your household.
    Is your soul healthy?

    Thank you!

  2. Gul says:

    Hi, amrita,
    you can sa
    Sihbat mo sanga day? صحت مو سنګه دی
    په کر کې مو خيريت دی؟
    کور مو ودان

    • waqas ahmed says:

      gul bhi mujay pasto sikha dain plz mery madad karain 03216031525

      • Paul says:

        Gul, it is ‘say’, not ‘sa’. I’ve noticed you making that mistake a lot.

        And it’s not سنګه (sanga), it’s څنګه (tsanga).

        Amrita, I’m assume you don’t know how to read Pashto, so here are the phrases in phonetics:

        How is your health?
        Sahat mo tsanga day

        Is your family well?
        Koranay mo sha da?

        Long life to your household
        Kur mo wadan

        Is your soul healthy?
        It’s not really a common expression in Pashto, but the literal translation would be
        Arwa mo rogh ramat leri?

    • Yahya says:

      I like thz Lang I jus need to Lerner Bt it’s hard

  3. Angela Brumbly says:

    Could you please translate “Life After Death.” for me. Thank you, Angela Brumbly

  4. Samsor says:

    Hi Angela,

    Here is the Pashto translation of ‘Life After Death.’

    ‘Zhond pas la marga’

    In Pashto script, it is written like this: ژوند پس له مرګه.

  5. says:


  6. ghory says:

    I want to learn pashto as soon as pasibale who can helpp me pleas cantact with me at :

  7. sonia says:

    i want to learn pushto language

  8. sonia says:

    can any one help me

  9. marktaylor says:

    salam alaikom i am here to ask some one for help to help me learn english to pashto, and also this website is such a great one. thanks alot so please response to me and inshallah maybe one day i will learn pashto by help of allah. allah hafiz.

  10. shokriya says:

    can u translate a pasto poem to english about afghanistan i want to learn it for my course work please

  11. shokriya says: this is my email address

  12. Madina Fardin says:

    can you translate this into enligsh dair menanak khalak we afghanian

  13. Fairplatt says:

    Salaam salaam, would anyone be able to find the Pashto for a few job names like, author,fireman,builder and a load of other name, in pashtu script if you could, many thanks

    • haider says:

      hello fair path

      Author meaning in pashto is(Likwal) لیکوال , fireman meaning is(da itfayi ghari)داطفایی غړی and bulder mean (wadanawonki) ودانونکی load (pitay,Bar…) پیټی ،بار

  14. kalp says:

    hi can u please help me to understand this word please

    i need the meaning of this three word

    Moor da


    pa shondo

    please reply the english meaning of these three word

    thank you very much


    • Paul says:

      moor is mother
      waghayem is the ‘f’ word
      and ‘da’ is your

      You can guess the meaning.

      I’m not sure what the third one means

      • Inayat says:

        The last word means
        Pa shondo means (on your lips)

      • pukhtana says:

        ur comment earlier paul about it being ‘tsanga’ and not santa.. thats incorrect actually.. i speak pashto its my mother tongue n it depends which dialect ur speaking…so its not wrong.

    • Nisar says:

      Kalp, The meaning for the asked words will be as follow,

      Moor da- Dead or some people use it for the friends.
      Wagheym- It means ‘Fuck’.
      Pa Shondo- Pa means On and Shondo means lips so ‘ On Lips’

    • Moor means mother and waghayem mean to hav sex with and the last one is not correct. Actually it is pa da shondo means such lips you have got. It seems to have used in negative sense that some one did not like the lips of the opposite person hence showed such behavior. while sometimes if someone is attracted by any organs of other person like eye, eyebrow, chick, lips, teeth, chin or other organs, he suddenly utter these word which is considered positive remarks

  15. John mirzada says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Please avoid using bad words
    before you learning any languages respectfully. If you want any helps in pashto dari, urdu and danish languages you may not hesitate to contact me I can help you friendly to translate or teach you languages mentioned above please.


    Thanks once agan.

  16. Manny says:

    Salam.. Ze ma noom Manny da I learned some Pashto but Im slowly forgeting it. I would like to freshen up on it. can you help me?

  17. Asad says:

    پښتو ليکۍ، وايۍ او لولۍ

  18. 03449432794 says:

    call on this number i am shoya afghan

  19. Hisham says:

    dear friends,

    I want to learn pashto as soon as possible to surprise my gf..can anyone help me?

    my email:

  20. Riya says:


    i am afghan, tajik but would like to learn some basic words in pashto, can any1 teach? my email is
    thank you

  21. JALAL BABAKHEL says:

    hiiiiiii. salam to all pushtons, to those who loves pushto,,,,,,,,,,,,,, pushto is very sweet lang. if once you understnd it you will never laeave it its my cahllange to all non pustho speakers……….. iam afghni but born in pakistan.doing edc, there. im the student of BBA hons at CECOS UNIVERSTY OF IT AND EMERGING SCINCES.WILL HELP ALL THOSE WHO WANTS TO LEARN PUTHO U CAN SAK ANY THNG MORE THEN MORE WELCOME…….

  22. Omed says:

    Hi every one,

    i saw this site today, it was great that people who helping others to to learn Pashto,i’m very happy to help as much as i can as will on here.
    i can help every one with: Pashto,Dari,Urdu and Russian, just always give me a shout any time, i would be happy to help as much as i can. and i live north west London

    best of luck to every one.


  23. omed says:

    hello i want to learn english you can teach me if you can teach me i will wait for you

  24. rahmani says:

    i want to learn english who can teach me

    • Qudsia says:

      well, i have been teaching English over a decade now. you can contact me if u want to learn this language. v can do skype sessions. u need to ask for permission first as i m a working lady n time is the only asset i have…..

  25. shoib says:

    i want to learn pahto ;
    please send me an crash course documents in my mail ;
    i hav great ineterest and zeal to learn it

  26. saqib says:

    Hi i want to know the means of this … into Urdu
    Da Stargi Jadugari De, Da Meena Lewanye Da
    Da Stargi Jadugari De, Da Meena Lewanye Da

    Janan Janan
    Janan Che Pake Ose, Somra Khkuli Dunyagai Da
    Janan Che Pake Ose, Somra Khkuli Dunyagai Da
    Janan Janan Janan Janan
    Janan Janan Janan Janan

    Khwaga Khwaga Ra Gori, Pa Nazar Ki Me Ingharhi
    Khwaga Khwaga Ra Gori, Pa Nazar Ki Me Ingharhi
    Umeed Da Zindagai da, Ghwarhawali Me Jolai da
    Umeed Da Zindagai da, Ghwarhawali Me Jolai da
    Janan Janan
    Janan Che Pake Ose, Somra Khkuli Dunyagai Da
    Janan Che Pake Ose, Somra Khkuli Dunyagai Da
    Janan Janan Janan Janan
    Janan Janan Janan Janan

    Da Jwand Me Sta Da Para, Da Meena Sta Da Para
    Da Jwand Me Sta Da Para, Da Meena Sta Da Para
    Da Sta Mohabatoona Me Qisa Da Zindagai Da
    Da Sta Mohabatoona Me Qisa Da Zindagai Da
    Janan Janan
    Janan Che Pake Ose, Somra Khkuli Dunyagai Da
    JAnan Che Pake Ose, Somra Khkuli Dunyagai Da
    Janan Janan Janan Janan
    Janan Janan Janan Janan

    Ra-Jokht Me Sha Google Ta, Draza Me Da Zrha Wowra
    Ra-Jokht Me Sha Google Ta, Draza Me Da Zrha Wowra
    Daira Me Da Zrha Kor Ki Da Janana Sadagai Da
    Daira Me Da Zrha Kor Ki Da Janana Sadagai Da

  27. Farhad says:

    How to say in Pashto and in Pashto writing. My heart is dying for you, you’re holding my heart in your beautiful hands.

  28. Aparna Bhatnagar says:

    I am writing a play. I need translation of these sentences into pashto-
    Why all of you are shouting?
    What do you want?
    You all have free time to play though we are under going pressure of war.

    • syed says:

      Hi Aparna ,
      The translation of these into Pashto as:
      1. taase ttol wale chaghey wahai?
      2. taase sa ghawarai? or ta sa ghaware?(singular)
      3. taase ttol da lobo kawalo lapara wakht larai ka sa ham mungh pa jang ke yu

      • faisal says:

        i am desperatelly want to learn pasto by caste m afgani but i born in mumbai(india)so pls hep and send 5sentence to my email adress daily so i can learn

    • pawan says:

      pashto is my mother grand father use to live in peshwar before india got independance then because we use to preach waheguru we were forced to leave pesawar.
      since i m born in india and i am a punjabi hindu, the influence is going off, i love to speak pashto but i donno if its real pashto. example is (ta moh zadey saar aye in english it would be u r my sweatheart) lols this is fun

  29. Bilal Afroz Ansari says:

    as salam, to everyone,

    please help me in to understanding pahto languages,

  30. Bilal Afroz Ansari says:

    my E- mail :

  31. Ansar says:

    i am interested in learning PASHTO speaking, reading and writing
    Can any one of you guide me in right direction?

    Thanking you in anticipation

  32. farhaz uddin sheikh says:

    My name is farhaz n i need to learn pashto language bcoz d person i lov is from afghanistan, so i never go closer to her heart, its language barrier plz help me out

  33. Jamil says:

    Salmoona to all

    Dear if any one want to learn pashto language i can give you time in yahoo chat room if you want to learn pashto language please add me on this email address:

  34. Sonia Salam!
    If you wanna Learn pashto so i will strongly help anyhow.
    You can chat me by

    Bye Sonia

  35. muthia says:

    I want to know about the meaning of this words, my friends told me some pashto words but i really don’t know what it means, so please translate this words for me:
    1. Senga yea?
    2. Sa Kawai?
    3. charta yaa?
    4. sa halaat di?

    • faisal says:

      “how are you”
      rest ask to guys to help(marsta)

    • Paul says:

      1. How are you
      2. What are you doing?/What do you do?
      3. Where are you?
      4. I’m not sure but I think it means “What’s the condition of…” or “what’s up?” It may also mean ‘How are you’ (literally: what’s your condition?)

  36. neev says:

    Hiiiiiii frnds this is Neev a hindu afghani from INDIA.
    i am so glad to know that there r so many people who wants to learn PASHTO.
    NO worries!!!!!!! m here now.u can ask me any thing to know in pashto………..


  37. omed says:

    Hi every one, if someone is need help with Dari,Pashto,urdu and Russian you can contact me on here or to my e-mail address or send me your e-mail to help you, any time, if get late for reply, sorry for it, but i will reply for sure every one.

    Omed from London

  38. Faith says:

    yaseta muladene almadaje neta latuna …does anyone knwo what this means?

  39. Mehre says:

    song translation for Saqib Sahabjanaan (wo shaks jise hum bht piyar karty hain)en ankhon ma jadu ha, ye piyar pagal ha, jannan jis me rehta ha kitni khubsurat ha wo duniyaus k daikhny ka andaz bht mithas rakhta ha etna ka ma usi mithas ma kho jata hon, mairy zindagi ki umeed ho, tumare liye ma apni jholi bichaie khara hon jannan jis ma rehta ha kitmni khubsurat diuniya ha.mairy zindagi tumare liya ha, maira piyar bhi tumare liye ha. tumari chahtain hi bas mairy zindagi ki kahani ha
    janna jis ma rehta ha kitni khubsurat ha wo duniya
    mujhe apne dil k pas lao, mairy dharkano ko suno, maire dil ma jis na baisaira kiya ha bht sadgi ha us ma.

    jannan jis ma rehta ha kitni khusurat ha wo duniya.

    janna, jannan, jannan, jannan.


  40. Sana says:

    What is this word Aqal Dandan?

    What is the meaning of this word?

  41. parul says:

    can u please translate “zas tas tara miinakom” in english?

    • syed says:

      Hi Parul
      It is very simple in english
      “I you with love do means I love you.
      zas means I
      Tas ” you
      sara ” with
      mina ” love
      Kawam ” do

    • Paul says:

      Syed is correct, it does mean ‘I love you’, however, his breakdown of the words is incorrect

      za means I
      stasi – your
      sara – with
      mina – love
      kawum – I do (in Pashto conjugation, much like in Spanish, you don’t need the pronouns (I, you, he…) because you can tell which person it is from the end of the verb)

  42. zenab says:

    hey u lt i wnder hw it wld be withowt english lyf wld be so brin enih:(im so sad it dont let me speak pushto or urdu or polish,spanish,french etc.etc.

  43. liz says:

    Hello my name is Lizz i was born in Torrance California I’m dating an Afghanistan Guy who speaks pathos, therefore i would like to learn how to speak his language. If some Afghan is interested in teaching me please email me

  44. amna says:

    hi i wana learn pashot language coz the person i love is a pathan and i wud love to seak in ashto wth him or atleast b able to transalte a few love notes..tell me is that possible if i am able to send written material and somebody transaltes it for me in pashto …thankz

    • syed says:

      Hi amana,
      It is very an interesting language and has a long history with its ups and down.Now-a-days its importance is known every body but ur field is different i.e dating.
      If there are sentences which u want to share with me to translate for u to impress ur —
      u can send me the materials on the above email address
      take care

  45. Adil Mahmood says:

    Im a Urdu speaker from Nazimabad Karachi Pakistan but also know Pashto

  46. zeenat shah says:

    any one who is intresting to learn pashto i will be glad to help him or her learning pashto.
    +001 4042792895

  47. haider says:

    tum kaisii ho ?
    aur kia ho raha hai ?
    howz family ?
    did u ever visit lahore ?
    aur tum farigh time may kia krti ho ?

    can u plz translate it in urdu /or english

  48. haider says:

    aaj mosam kaisa hai ?
    aap kay bhai kaisay hain ?
    howz ur mother?

    sorry udu may nahi pashtu may translate krna hai

  49. Aimal Alkozai says:

    Dear all,

    This is my first time visited the web site.Infact I was searching a book written in pashto,while just got in.I really became so happy…….

    One thing.

    I found someone communicating bad words which is not good for the pashtun’s culture,degnity and name of being to be afghan.Please stop writing such things.

  50. dildar says:

    plz sen me if posseble. pashot to english dictionary
    for noke s60 mobile.plz thanks so much

  51. Shahid says:

    pLz can u mail pushto to urdu dictionary

  52. Daniel says:


    I am looking to have the following translated into pashto. I need it in pashto script. Your help is greatly appreciated:

    Lessons learned
    Blood will not wash away blood

    • pawan says:

      veene sa veene nah lare kegi(blood will not wash away blood)
      forgive me for my english spellings which i did above .i speak pashto but i am born and brought up in india like my parents only my grand parents were in peshawar….so don be 100% sure on my above translation.
      c ya daniel

    • javeed says:

      sta marsta dar shawoo

  53. RIcsi says:

    Hello . Could you translate me this sentence ? : “Thank you very much”

    And I thank you, too

  54. Noor Ah says:

    sta so sakha dera manana

  55. paul says:

    i want to learn how to write the word “brothers” or better yet “death before dishonor brothers” can some one help me with this trasnlation into the pashto script please

  56. faisal says:

    guys i knw some basic word if u need any help mail me

  57. faisal says:

    i am desperatelly want to learn pasto by caste m afgani but i born in mumbai(india)so pls hep and send 5sentence to my email adress daily so i can learn
    my email si

  58. AMIR SHEHZAD says:

    Hi friends…..i am Amir shehzad khattak from Gurguri karak…

    i want peace my country of pakistan ….


  59. AMIR SHEHZAD says:

    Hi friends…..i am Amir shehzad khattak from Gurguri karak…
    i want peace my country of pakistan ….


  60. hashoo bai says:

    I am learning by pressing due to my GM and Boss are Pathan and speaks Phasto with us.

  61. zahra malik says:

    can someone please translate this for me(yaruu zamung pa mulk ke sta da song na lageee i dnt know y lolxuna) (khu bya baem like kam zargiya sta che khwakha v nu za ma bam khwakha vv)(stha da meenay ! oo i know i GUEss ba DEY khe ba HUm zardari tax guvarey dha zekha :P)(ma wa starge bacha baza lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)i hope smeone replies me

  62. Sam G says:

    Can some one please translate
    Peace, Love, Music
    I am a hippie at heart and would love to get the translation of it tattooed. Please Help

  63. Sam G says:

    Can some one please translate
    Peace, Love, Music into Pashto
    I am a hippie at heart and would love to get the translation of it tattooed. Please Help

    • Paul says:



      I suggest you put them in a Word document, and play around with the size, font, bold, etc, and print it out and bring that to the tattoo artist.

      *Make sure it doesn’t display backwards. Some systems aren’t equipped with the Arabic right to left writing style and will write your Pashto words backwards (from left to right).

      Good luck

  64. Nia says:

    i have interesting in pushto and i wanna learn pushto. im from indonesia… well its really hard to find english-pushto online translation. i found some but its not in pushto alphabet.. can anyone help me to share some like basic words..?

    and is it true that zama tasara mena da means i love you so much..
    thanks and regards from Indonesia

  65. Moeen says:

    i want to need some translate of pashto,

    i want to surprise my girl friend to tell sumthing in pashto language because she is pashto and i want to learn pashto for her at soon

    but now this time i need sume translate of these words in to pashto,
    please answer me

    1. What are you doing ?
    2. how is your heakth ?
    3. you are a nice for me
    4. i m only for you
    5. i need your help

    plz send pashto word plzzzzzz

  66. Rida says:

    I want to learn Pashtou plz send me an email

  67. Zee says:

    It is interesting to know, many people want to learn Pashto. Let me explain few things. People from Pakistan and Afghanistan speak Pashto but different dialogues. Even in Pakistan, Pashto spoken in Quetta, Peshawar, Mardan, Bannu are different from each other. However, I am from Peshawar and currently live in the city of Torrance California. I will be happy to be of any help.

    • shamila says:

      I lika this boy nd he’s pataan nd speaks pashto, I really really want to leran tht language. Wat does this mean ” LA TOSA NA MANANA”. In english , please anyone up for helping me learn fluent pashto 🙂 I will be sooooo gratefull xxx

  68. Fizazia says:

    Please contact me i need to learn pahto my email id is

  69. Fizazia says:


  70. John says:

    Hi I’m looking for someone to help me learn Pakistani version of Pashto. I am an native English speaker. I am looking for translation or just teaching. Please let me know. My email is Thanks

  71. fatima says:

    az kuja kardi ey song bari ki khandi ey song na ka tu hum ashiq shudi sari kasi ya az awal budi plz tell me its meaning in urdu or english?

  72. haslina says:

    janana means?

  73. Aman khan says:

    My name is Aman khan Iam from laghman afghanistan but iam liveing in holland i can speak English.. Russia.. hollandi..hinde..urdu..afghani..pashto..and.pakistani..pashto.dari..and..farsi.. if some one want to laren so plaese contact with me and feel free thats my ID thank you

  74. Bilal Hassan Khan says:

    I Love Pushto Can anyone can teach me pushtoooo ???
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me sooooon

  75. Fadoua Hanine says:

    Hello my name is Fadoua and I need to learn this song, but I do not know the pronunciations or the rhythm I was wondering if anyone is familiar with it:
    Pashtun traditional song celebrating the start of the winter holidays:

    Laddo ladanga sa ghowarri
    Yaw sha shaista merra ghowari
    Par asmaan tor worra ghowari
    Par mzaka shna washa ghowari

    what is this pretty doll wanting
    she wants a handsome husband to get marry with her
    she wants black clouds in the sky
    and she wants green lush plants on the earth)–

  76. Somaan khan says:

    Mjy passhto seekhna hy plzzzzz…..

  77. fatima bibi says:

    i would really like if one of u guys could help me translate this to pashto (boy your precious like gold)i want to say this do my boyfriend want to surprise him i am pathan but dont noe how to speak it plzz help me..!!<3

  78. fatima bibi says:

    my email address

  79. Muhammad Baseer says:

    I am master of Pashto and Dari

    if any one have trouble i can help 24 hours

    I always online

    My Email address

  80. kate says:

    Hi all, its great opportunity for me to find this website on learning some basic pashto words..I am very eager to learn pashto language from peshawar because in my heart and in my mind, I am wishing that one day my feet will touch the beautiful land of peshawar with the man I love and will be with him the rest of my life..hope God will give him to me.
    I hope one of u guys will patiently teach me…thanks in advance.
    Have a great day everyone!

  81. Arman says:

    i luv all ov youur commentx you guyz are so cool and cute good keep it up and if i can do anything for you just mail me @

  82. r4n says:

    i want to learn pashto frm attock waisa pls…..thank u..

  83. Syed Asad Ali says:

    Interesting Webpage Atleast I Learn Some Pashton Language

  84. sanah ahmadzay says:

    relax guys if u want help then ask me because i am from logar and iam the perfect person for translation

  85. shakerullah akhoundzada says:

    salam alikum & ramazaan kareem to u all pukhtu brothers & sisters,
    if anyone wants to learn pashto like i did or stil doing i suggest u guys to have a pashto-english dictionary and watch old pashto movies and also befriend a pashto person and practice with them ,it’ll make you a quick learner. fortunately i have one, if anybody wants it, mail me ur e-mail id to this pukhtu brother of urs and i’ll foward it to email id is
    salam alaikum and ramazaan umbaraksha da tol khalak

  86. JD says:

    I am an actor in NYC looking for a tutor to help me with the pronunciation of a few lines of Pashto in a play I’m working on. I’d prefer to meet someone in person if possible.
    Thanks so much –

  87. Sameer Gul says:

    hi, can anyone translate this into pashto for me, preferably in pashto text much appreciated 🙂 this is the poem in english i want in pashto

    thanks again in advance

    • Sameer Gul says:

      this is the poem below…..

      By blood, we are immersed in love of you.

      The youth lose their heads for your sake. I come to you and my heart finds rest.

      Away from you, grief clings to my heart like a snake. I forget the throne of Delhi

      when I remember the mountain tops of my Afghan land.

      If I must choose between the world and you,

      I shall not hesitate to claim your barren deserts as my own”

  88. pashto learner says:

    hello, can someone translate these sentences for me in english? please

    –alaka _____ agha heart agha chapter finish kary de aw ka na?

    –Hehhee Na Kanna Agha me agha se Preekhee d ….:S
    Che ta ra she la khaira bia ba ye youze Khattam ko INSHA ALLAH…:)

    –wai wai rora miss u …ao za hm dr pasi ym inshallah pa 10 sep bandi ba mulaqat ki gi….heheh….ao khuta o di gaim

    –i walai ghind ghwanta kai?

    –talaki hadu pata di na lagi sta khuti kat kam

    –yalaka nor paredi ho da ____ sa pata na lage charta de america na raghali de o china ta nadi rasedali charta suadi ta ni tali zalim

    –.rora rasi daly dy pishdi war pasi ma ko

    –sta na zar sham…china ki yum rore aw

    –ror pata pase ho mung amrecia o china ta phone ko ho nawe rasedali o da suadi arab # hm rasara nawo…. ho za shukar de 6 ws china ta warase de o phone # de rasend ka bi mis cl ba waka darta


  89. bella says:

    can any translate these for me..

    aa zaamano sanga chal dai

    woo zoya senga ye ? maze de wakree awree

    thank u in advance..

  90. kitty says:

    I can talk Urdu but cant read it, my boyfriend is from mardan so i would love to learn Pushtu help!!

  91. cutie says:

    can you please translate these pushto sentences into english asap..
    dera me khwakha ey-bs da zan khayal sata a0 tange ga ma -ous warzam kar ta che rasham mails Ba darta k0m -khayal sata ..
    please i need to know the meaning of these words.. help me

  92. klyn says:

    Good Afternoon All — thank you for this site and the willingness to help those of us who do not know much of Afghan languages or culture —

    A friend is returning home to Afghanistan to be with friends and family in a couple weeks and is collecting coats for the children there (we understand it is getting really cold there) — we’d like to send a note in each coat to let the children know they are precious and loved — would any one help me with the proper way to send that message and which languages should be included we don’t want anyone to be left out (would Pashto, Urdu and Dari cover most?). Forgive me for my lack of knowledge of the Afghanistan Culture and language — my second language is Spanish — Blessings to you all and Thank you for your assistance with this — klyn, ohio

    Below is the type of message we’d like to send but would welcome suggestions that culturally which would be better. (Only one needed)

    1) “you are precious and loved”
    2)” you are precious to all”
    3) (your suggestion)

    English into Pashto
    English into Urdu
    English into Dari

  93. Satyan says:

    Could you please translate:
    1. of whom (whose)
    2. children
    Also kindly use roman script and also explain the pronunciation.

  94. kevin says:

    1) da cha

  95. rahul says:

    I want to learn pashto plz…. my id

  96. gina says:

    hi..i wanna know how u say (in..)because i want to say to somebody ( i fall in love)..please can somedy help me?.

  97. supercuts says:

    Nice post for learning pushtoo…..

  98. Ameer khan attari says:

    Our family is pashtun bt i dnt knw pashto well coz i born in india bt i lov pashto n want 2 learn it. If any1 know pashto well in india than plz contact me through my mail id m also on facebook search this id

  99. sheeba says:

    can you translate
    Daa kama Jaba da?

  100. shariq says:

    tum mujhe bohat achi lagti hoo

  101. shariq says:

    can u Plz Help to Trasnlate in Phasto

    tum mujhe bohat achi lagti hoo

  102. muskaan says:

    aao ogora jwandey yum..ta kho ado da cha tapose nakay…
    Alayyy…. Za kho her kala ta yadooma… 2 zul mey pa khoob key mey hum lidalay we
    rishtyaa?? kha khob wo i hope! asay promise goray ma um ta recently khob kay katalay wey aao ma wail che tala msg kom pa fb kho bya ma unako!
    walay dey onako???? yaar zama khoob lag ghundakey kharab khoo ziyaat tar funny oo… doomra mey khandalay oo

    can u plzz translate this in english 4 me thanx …. 🙂

  103. sanyogita J says:

    hellow friends,,, this is Riz from India..! actually my bf is from who will help to translate Pashtu and dari language..??plzz Email me.and Also i want to Learn these languages..!so guys pllz help as soon as possible..!thanks u! 🙂

  104. Raabi says:

    i want to learn pashto because it seems very difficult but unique language,plz guide me how can i learn pashto language.thankyou

  105. talpan georgiana says:

    dilaur a fost al meu si anca este las dori tradus an limba pastho

  106. trader joes says:

    Your post is great! pretty much sure lot of your readers had a great knowledge after they read your post. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  107. riz says:

    hellow frnzz….i want afgani frnz…so plzz u can search me on fb by this email id- cuz i want to learn pashto and dari….byee 🙂

  108. pashtu learner says:

    is there a native pashtu speaker here who has a black berry?

    if so please state your name location and blackberry pin.

    Thank you 🙂

  109. Fatimah says:

    Salaam, Please translate thjis in Pushto language..

    “For once in my life I feel like I actually made the right choice and that choice was being with you.”

  110. Durdana Awan says:

    how to say i like this song alot in pushto plz write it in roman pushto

  111. Shahraiz Khan says:

    da sandara zama dair zeyat khuwkh da pa pukhto ka

  112. Shahraiz Khan says:

    translate this in English “zama kaka ma sare pula patey sharik da”

  113. AUdrey Cham says:

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  114. moo ahmada says:

    If there is anyone that lives in u.s.a and can freshen up my pashto then that would be great, I need to practise it more, but must be usa so I can call and not get charged..thanks

  115. malik najam amin says:

    hi this is malik najam amin need to learn pashto language with full my love plz any one can guide me my skype id najam.amin and email is

  116. Haider says:

    Damnnn… Dangerous Experience 🙂
    59 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood Yeah dude.. Pathano ko kia hgaya hai aj.. Tha tha thuss thusss!!!!
    58 minutes ago · Like

    Usman Ahmed Bishum Bishum… saala movies mein hi sunna tha asa sab !!!
    57 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood Lol yeah bruv!!! Ahista ahista pass hi ate ja rehe hain!!!
    54 minutes ago · Like

    Saira Khan darpok
    about an hour ago · Like

    Haider Zaheer Wao yar me cminG!!
    58 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Musa Mehmood Hahahaha!!! Aja tu bhi shoq poora krle
    55 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood Allah bakhair de…
    53 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood Haider.. Suckaay???
    53 minutes ago · Like

    Usman Ahmed ‎Musa Mehmood ajenay pashto na pui de =P
    52 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood Haider.. Singha chalay or singha halde
    52 minutes ago · Like

    Saira Khan nai nai ye to spirit hai ..
    52 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood ‎@ usman.. Wateva!!!
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    Saira Khan usman bechara khud dar raha hai…
    49 minutes ago · Like

    Usman Ahmed ‎Saira Khan beta mein yahan shaheed honay ki gharaz se nai aya hun =P
    48 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Musa Mehmood ‎@ usman.. Dun worry bruv.. M wid u
    48 minutes ago · Like

    Saira Khan bekar lo0g itne jaldi shaheed nai h0te….
    47 minutes ago · Like

    Usman Ahmed ‎Musa Mehmood laas da mine rakha =D
    46 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Saira Khan lolz kis ne sekhaya???????????/
    46 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood ‎@ usman.. Khaa !!!
    45 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood ‎@haider.. Warak sha.. :p
    41 minutes ago · Like

    Usman Ahmed ‎Haider Zaheer Alaka…. Dalta Tolay Kinzilay Kighiii !!!
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    Usman Ahmed ‎Haider Zaheer jani kasam se iss mein se kuch bhi mujy khud nai pata =PPP
    39 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood ‎@ haider… Za pata mayan shuam.. :p
    39 minutes ago · Like

    Saira Khan jho0t b0l rahey hain ye d0no hahaha…..
    38 minutes ago · Like

    Haider Zaheer What are they sayingG??
    37 minutes ago · Like

    Haider Zaheer Musssiiii tara tu pataa haiii mjueeee…. CHUPPPPPPP kr jaaaaaaaaaa :Ppp lolxx
    36 minutes ago · Like

    Usman Ahmed ‎Haider Zaheer alaka,,, Charta ye warak ye …hahahahaha
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    Musa Mehmood ‎:p
    34 minutes ago · Like

    Musa Mehmood ‎@ haider… Laka chartay
    20 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Musa Mehmood ‎????
    20 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Please translate into english …. wtf they saying me 😛
    Musa Mehmood ‎@ haider.. Kamzay

  117. Beenish says:

    What is the meaning of ” zulfe de walwal pa makh da cha da para di” Plz tell me

  118. Beenish says:

    Is anyone there?

  119. Beenish says:


  120. guines says:

    Wat does And kak fardion,, mean

  121. yasin says:

    hi all.
    i am fluent in both pakistani pashto and english. i am british so would likd to help anyone in uk with pashto. thanks..
    email me for any help thanks

  122. ronna says:

    hi…i am greatly happy i found this site.I am very interested to learn URDO and mainly the pashto language.My boyfriend is from pakistan we been together for 2yrs and planning to get settle soon.I need your help to learn this and teach me pls…my email is… to her from you soon.

  123. Noman Zeb says:

    asalam alikum, i want to know the meaning of this verse of rehman baba… ” Samandar ghonde pa hor ke gulazar sha ”

    kindly complet this verse of poem and translate it to me.


  124. ayesha khalid says:

    mina kuma tasra

  125. mina kumwa tasra ka maining kia hy ggggggg

  126. gina says:

    you mean ta sara meena kawom.init? it means i love you

  127. carpenter 22 says:


  128. athar says:

    what does ZARGIA mean in english or urdu

  129. Laila Khan says:

    salaam.. can anyone help me with learning pashto? I want to learn from the basic. if anyone out there is interested in teaching me plz contact me on

  130. Simmi says:

    ZARGIA means heart o sweetheart. Dil, jaan, jaan e mann.

  131. Asim says:

    Salam dear mujha pashto seakhna ka shok ha buhat plz meari madad kara dosto ya meari id ha ya or ya meara mob no ha 0344393606

  132. Sa ao waya kana yara whats the meaning of this in english ???

    • pukhtana says:

      sa ao?
      waya kana yara = whats up friend…means that sorta thing… where as the ‘sa ao’ i dnt know … sa means what.. and ao means yes… so what yes? lol doesnt make sense haha

  133. charlotte says:

    how would you say my friend?

  134. amanda says:

    salam, i want to learn pashto can someone please help me. i need to learn so i can please my boyfriend who speaks pashto. when i go to his country to visit him,and his family i want to be able to speak and understand them. he speaks English also but i want to do this to please him..

  135. shaxia says:

    what does mor darna zar sha means?

  136. Ryan says:

    hey guys, i need some help to translate ” For those who fought for it , life has a flavor the protected will never know.” in pasto writing . I have tried those easy translation sites but haven’t had any success.

  137. Samia says:

    Can some one translate the following sentence for me? Its pashto but I am writing it using english alphabets
    “Stargey de leendhey, barnde de ghaxchey
    Xda main nagha da, oula che de khawakha da”

  138. IBRAR says:

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  142. Awais Khan says:

    Salam alikum Can anyone plz help me i want to learn pashto because i love this language

  143. maria says:

    da se ka ya meaning??

  144. Omid Hotak says:

    za der khoshala shom kala me che da website wa leda, if any one wishing to learn pashto i am also here to help, any time any where any words……

  145. Mohamed says:

    Hi can u plz give me the English meaning for the words ” meaning of satqa de sham”

  146. fiza says:

    cn u plz tell wat does this mean..,”zaan tosra dera minna kaon,ta mota deer yodi zzy ”

  147. sarhadullah says:

    ho how are u

  148. angel says:

    any body know urdu?

  149. Tia-Mariya says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, zama num Tia dey, I am very passionate about learning Pakhto, is there any person who could teach me Pakhto who is from Peshawar? I would be most grateful. Thank you, Manana.

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  151. Hey great post loved it 🙂

    Waiting for further post to read ! See ya!

  152. Asalaam .im in love with pashtoon but can’t speek language its his dream for me to speak pashto an I want to speak I want to say so many things but I can’t I love him this is my dream I want this as he has made my life special. Jazak Allah .salaam.

  153. abdullah says:

    me pashto sekhna chata hon

  154. Alifia Khan says:

    Plz translate the following phrases for me its really urgent…Da kamzey na awaz rakheOrega charta za ma.. lunch pe done karoDelhi ta taley da special rori orega

  155. drea says:

    Anyone fluent in pashto plz help me learn. I’m a beginner and need to learn everything… Thank you very much

  156. umer says:

    wanna learn pashto as soon as posible?

  157. I am Pashtun, maternal relatives, pertaining to mother language has Pashto.
    I want learning English language of this web site,
    if your can help me, please contact with me of this Email. addresses, thank you

  158. ag says:

    I want to learn pushto
    Can someone please help me I know some but wan 2 be fluent
    Please email me on respect_miss_perfect@hotma

  159. Ramish Khan says:

    Salam Gul Bro … It is realy nice to be here ,atleast where i can get a support to learn pashto … can you please oblige me by sending this software who can turn English into Pashto and pashto into Urdu ? I have wasted lots of time to find this software , so please do this for me if you can send this to ( )

  160. Abdul Rahim says:

    Dear, I need some data about khan shaheed Abdul Samad khan Achakzai. Please provide me with that >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  161. a.ahsan says:

    hey there! Can you please tell me the meaning of raazanatax,

  162. Rana Hassan Rajput says:

    plz muje pashto sikha dy koi

  163. Sami says:

    Sir u have great job . . Improv pashto language

  164. Raihana amir says:

    i would like a female instructor who can teach me pashto..please contact me asap…im willing to pay them online…must be a female instructor

    Thank you
    Walikom salam

  165. pinky says:

    asslam-0-alaikum, i jst want 2 say that i want 2 learn pashtoo .can u plz guide me somethng about pashtoo books & tell me that how can i learn pashtoo .plz tell me or teach me pashtoo………….

  166. adeen says:

    Waraksha ka meaning bta dain ye ek pashto word

  167. Munim says:

    what is the the meaning of pashto word waraksha

  168. Mkniyazai says:

    Can you please translate it..
    Ta sandara da mastay
    Zama juwand ghazal ghazal

  169. hi..I want to learn more English translate to pashtu…many thankx…may ALLAH BLESS US ALL…

  170. Asifa Ali says:

    Chata meaning in Pastho

  171. Asma noor says:

    Hello there, can you please teach me to learn pashto, im from Philippines i would really love to know pashto language, and i want to know this little sentence to be translate “””” kha chal de khapal waya””””
    please,,,,, thank you

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