On Knowledge


عالمان دي روښنايي ددې دنيا
عالمان دي د تمام جهان پېشوا

Lights in the world are those, who know,
Guides of mankind are those, who know

که څوک لار غواړي و خداى ته و رسول ته
عالمان دي ددې لارې رهنما

When looking for the road to God
And prophet, ask from those, who know

کيمياگر که د کيميا په طلب گرځي
همدمي د عالمانو ده کيميا

The alchemist in his research
Finds sympathy with those, who know

په مجلس  د عالمانو به سرۀ زر شي
که څوک کاڼى وي که لُوټه د صحرا

A desert stone will turn to gold
In company with those, who know

جاهلان دي په مثال د مرده گانو
عالمان دي په مثال د مسيحا

An ignorant is like a corpse,
Like Jesus Christ are those, who know

چې مرده يې له نفسه ژوندي کېږي
عالمان دي واړه هسې اوليا

For by His breath the dead arose,
The saintly breath of those, who know

هر سړى چې رتبه نۀ لري د علم
سړى نۀ دى خالي نقش دى گويا

Those are not humans, only shells,
The empty ones, who do not know

زه رحمان حلقه بگوش د هر عالم يم
که اعلٰى دى که اوسط دى که ادنىٰ

No matter to which low degree,
REHMAN will serve the ones, who know

(Translated by Jens Enevoldsen. The Nightingale of Peshawar: Selection from Rehman Baba. Published by InterLit Foundation, Peshawar)


16 Responses to On Knowledge

  1. Sayed Tamim says:

    A very nice poem of Rahman Baba who was a saint himself and was showing saintly ways to others.

  2. Muslim says:

    this sufi filth is shirk and those who spread it are like the minions of shaytan. find true islam and abide by sharia or else you will suffer in hell.

  3. Jan-e-Alam says:

    Mullahs can not fool this Muslim.
    In response to members of the self-proclaimed custodians of Islam without whose signature,no muslim can go to heaven! These Mullahs and their students could only fool Pashtuns and others to this day because of Pashtuns generous extension of trust in people who would only bring the name Allah on their lips. Having experienced for years,a total contrast in their words and actions and their consistent hat and despise for knowledge and to those who acquire it has revealed their true faces.Keeping Muslims devoid of Knowledge in completly unislamic as I know from reading Holy Quran myself.Thanks to Allah that I have learned Arabic which helps me directly get the meaning from Holy Quran without depending of someone else translation or interpretation. I have lost my trust and faith in Mullahs and their students weather they come from Arabic speaking regions or other parts of the world. They will pay dearly on the day of judgement. And again to Mullahs,sorry you can not fool us any more.

    A Muslim with love for truth

    • azad khan says:

      u r really a stupid man even u dont know who bring islam to ur door? these r the ulema who spread the islam in our region. otherwise we were may be same like these turkmenist qazakistan etc. no doubt u r stupid or u seems a spoon of modern empirism

    • azad khan says:

      even u cant speak arabic very well u r just blowing and u seems more jelous but keep in mind only in balochistan there is 12000 islamic schools means madrasa where hundred of thousands people study and learn the islam they dont need ur useless and shit idea of being be a spoon of empirism

    • asal pakhtoon says:

      mullah will round finger in ur ass when u die just remember hahahaha the time giving u last bath to deliver u in qabr while u forget the azan in ur ear at ur birth time

    • baaghi says:

      @ jan e alam, you seems doller sucker who sell motherland to amerikans and sta pa dimagh ki ther wosa da noor maamad taraki goozoona ya teezona pratha dee?

  4. Sajid khan says:

    I like very much so meaningful

  5. Shaukat Khan says:

    In the above translation of Rahman Baba’s poem, I find the word sympathy i.e humdardy. I think that word is rather “humdami” not humdardy? I am neither familiar with the deep meaning of this nor having Pukhtu to english dictionary, however, “humdamy” could very well in here means “companionship” or self reliance….

  6. reply says:


    […]On Knowledge « Learn Pashto Language[…]…

  7. azad khan says:

    da rehman wayal ba haltha pa yaad darsi……..chi yawa dewal tha sha bal tha di makh si

  8. azad khan says:

    love poem by rehman baba. its true ulema r our eyes long live

  9. Rahman baba wai.

    chi paZara ki dai sa aib na wi rahmana

    Khukulli makh ta pa katu ki gunah nishta

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