Pashto proverbs پښتو متلونه

علم د ښه سړي نه ډېر ښه او د بد سړي نه ډېر بد جوړوي
Learning makes a good man better, and an ill man worse.

خپل کار سره کار لره
Let each one turn his mind to his own troubles.

داسې متل نشته چې رښتيا نه وي
There is no proverb which is not true.

وخت د هر غم دوا دى
Time softens all grieves.

تللى وخت بېرته په لاس نه راځي
Time flies never to be recovered.

عزت کوه عزت به دې کېږي
He that respects is respected.

شتمنه ښځه به درنه غلام جوړوي
He that marries for wealth sells his liberty.

دلته دم او قدم دواړه په حساب دي
Every wrong is avenged on earth.

کار په کولو کېږي
You cannot do anything by doing nothing.

د طاقت نه مهارت ښه دى
Skill is stronger than strength. 


42 Responses to Pashto proverbs پښتو متلونه

  1. Shuja ullah says:

    U can also see Here or
    pashto proverbs i can add so visit

  2. jab says:

    The transliterated version of these proverbs would be great for those of us who can’t read the Pashto.


  3. Ali says:

    Every Pashto proverb given here is provided with English one also. They have ths same mean which looks as translated.

  4. Salahuddin says:

    د متلونو انتخاب ذبردشت دي

  5. baseersanam says:

    domra mazadar di chi khowand y marly ki da nor ba darta s wayum chi da rank y p peapse ki da

  6. rashid says:

    are the translated English were also English proverbs?

  7. AKBAR HUSSAIN says:


  8. Raza Mohmand says:

    Der ha de

  9. mumtaz says:

    za der khushal shom che dasee kholee ghonee web side vo der kholee pashtoona me vo leeda…cha da pakhtoo oo da khpal qum hezmat ka veee…

  10. Muhammad Tahir khan says:

    Za der khushal shum che pukhtano num pa de sara der ochat sho khuday pak de pukhtano abad sati.

  11. haris says:

    der ala gula, mungana khu pukhtu yerigi nansaba. dumra da angrizai lafzuna paki wayu chi pukhtu mu wajarola. zi pakhpala tang shum di na au sucha pukhtu koshish kom nansaba.
    dera manana gula.

  12. Ibtisam Hizbullah says:

    چا له چی خپله مورنۍ ژبه نه ورځی دهغه مثال دداسي چخچی دی کوم چه دسیلاب په منځکښی بییګي

  13. safira says:

    der khkule mataluna de

  14. 1 tar tolo ghat niamat da more dua da.,.,. 2 pa duniya ka faqat da more meena socha (rekhtene)da .,., 3 pa kor ke palar barakat aow more rahat ve.,.,. says:

    1 tar tolo ghat niamat da more dua da.,.,.
    2 pa duniya ka faqat da more meena socha (rekhtene)da .,.,
    3 pa kor ke palar barakat aow more rahat ve.,.,.

  15. Reihanullah says:

    der khaista aow po zre pore matlona aow da der kha da che po English zhoba translet der kha ❤

  16. nasir says:

    very very nice ……. i wish u are going to keep continue

  17. Watan says:

    ډیره مینه ګرانو ستاسو ددی خایسته او ښکلی متلونو نه الله مو تل سرلوړی او برومند لره

  18. Akhtar says:

    It was a great pleasure for me to see such sweet proverbs on websites. I have been searching for a big book containing old n new proverbs in books banks whenever I visited Peshawar since 1972 but never succeeded. My hate off for the writer and moderater of this web site. Well done once again.

  19. zabihrehman saqib says:

    what’s the meaning of ths sentence,she can cane a can in a can can

  20. hairan saib website ma der ziat waktal aw der sa mat hasil sho domra khabri aw domra zadakara ma pa university aw college ki hm na wakarai somra chi ma da hairan saib da website na wakra hairan saib zamong da pukhton qam yaw namawarai aw talent pukhtoon dai

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  22. ADIL KHAN says:

    feeling so much happy to see itt frome ADIL KHAN 00923025484378

  23. Akhtar Munir says:

    A Great effort has been put forth by the moderator for displaying this informative on website. I had once seen a big book of pushto mataloona in a Qisa Khani book store before 1971 but could not buy it at that time for my comitments on some other asignments due to which i will regret for ever. I searched all book stores in Peshawar since then but despite hectic efforts could not find it. That book was containing old sweet proverbs and the book was more bulky than an average English ensyclopedia. If some one knows to inform me where i can buy it i will be very thankful to him. Bye and take care.

  24. ourya says:

    Hindu stharay Khudai naraz
    (The Hindu is tired, God is still angry)
    Hindu is tired (despite praying so much) but God is still angry
    with him. No matter how much he prays he prays to the wrong God..hence
    nothing he does will ever be accepted means with some people no matter how much you do they will
    never be happy

  25. Haroon says:

    Ghalbail rapaseedo koozze ta wayei ta ki dwa sooree dee ..? da Dee English say dy

  26. Ibrahim Gull says:

    Good job done! Are these Pashto proverbs translated into English or vice-versa?

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  28. Der zabardast dy o kha faida mand hom dy

  29. frohar says:

    دير شكلي متلونه دي

  30. aurangzeb says:

    د پشتو یو زوڑ او خوندور کتاب گنج پشتو چیی د خکلے حکایاتو او ملغلرو نه ڈک دے.اولولے..

  31. سڑے سه سڑے نه نوم یے فتح خان
    Great boast little roast.
    د خر په تندی کے د مخراب زایے نه شته
    Honey is not for ass’ mouth.
    د ایلے بچو له غوپے مه ورکوه
    Dont teach your grandmother how to suck eggs.
    یو د لوگے مری بل یے سر ته پراٹے گوری
    A beggar dances before the thief.
    د نر زوی پته زانگو کے لگی
    Coming events cast their shadows before.

  32. Saira Naveed says:

    What is English translation of this proverb da kor gatta da Lahore gatta ?

  33. Mohsin shah mukhlis says:

    Very nice.

  34. Mohsin shah mukhlis says:

    Very nice

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