Articles and Photos of Afghanistan, Pakistan

Some articles, photos and videos, written and taken by the writer of this blog, can be found here. The articles, photos, and videos are related to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Pashto and the people of Pashtunkhwa. Click here.


4 Responses to Articles and Photos of Afghanistan, Pakistan

  1. Akansha says:


    I want to learn pushto, I will be pleased if helped, from you.

    Thanks , Akansha

  2. Fahad says:

    Dear all,
    i also want to learn Pashto. i am new to learn. if you will do conversation with me, we may have a good learning environment.
    best regard,

  3. AMB says:

    anybody who is interested and want to learn pashto(afghan) language iam at their service . but please try to response regularly and learn the lessons while i will be making for you guys, secondly if anyone who donate and buy a domain where we can only devote that to the learning of pashto will be more usefull.
    with regards

  4. hilal says:…….

    brother make facebook account and make this page favorite….it has everything on it from beginning to end…just copy and paste the above website…thanks

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